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Never missed to cast my vote: Governor Narasimhan
Never missed to cast my vote: Governor Narasimhan

Never missed to cast my vote: Governor Narasimhan

Hyderabad: Participating as the Chief Guest in the 8th National Voters Day programme at Ravindra Bharathi, Governor E.S.L. Narasimhan said that he never missed to cast his vote on an election day.

He said National Voters Day is a very important day in the Indian democracy and the purpose of organising the programme is to enrol new voters and educate voters to participate in the electoral process of the country and uphold democratic values.

The Governor Narasimhan called on the youth to carry on the responsibility on their shoulders by enrolling themselves and motivate as many eligible persons as possible to enrol as voters and participate in the electoral process in a big way.

He said the pledge administered by him forms the bedrock of the entire electoral process, particularly in holding a free, fair and peaceful election and casting vote without being influenced by caste, religion, community, language or any other inducement.

He said that the credit goes to the Election Commission that it has ensured to conduct free, fair and peaceful elections at scheduled time and every year some innovative process is being introduced in the electoral process. He termed the Election Commission as the ‘Fifth Pillar’ in Indian Parliamentary democracy.

Narasimhan said that the Election Day is declared as a holiday not to sit at home and watch TV but to go out and exercise electoral franchise, whatever be the election whether it is a Municipal election, Assembly election or Lok Sabha election.

He said that if people do not vote then there is no point in lamenting on the trust deficit in the Government. Vote is not only a right but also a duty and those who cast their vote only have the right to question the Government, said the Governor.

The Governor said the demographic dividend will pay only if the youth of the country cast their vote and elect the Government of their future and choose the government that is going to give them the right type of governance.

Youth must keep in mind that the only consideration they should keep in mind while casting their vote is Good governance so that the Indian democracy will continue to march on the right path and become a Global leader, said the Governor. (INN)

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