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Mohammed Ali Shabbir
Mohammed Ali Shabbir

Not visiting Palestine was a diplomatic blunder of PM Modi, says Shabbir Ali

Hyderabad: Prime Minister Narender Modi had put the India foreign policy towards Muslims nations in jeopardy by his over-zealous three-day tour of Israel by not visiting Palestine, which was just across the border of Israel, said Leader of Opposition in Telangana Legislative Council Mohammed Ali Shabbir on Friday.

This was the first visit by an Indian Prime Minister to Israel .

Contending that the Prime Minister had committed a diplomatic blunder which could vitiate the friendly relations with Islamic and the Middle East nations in future,

Shabbir Ali said that the Prime Minister could have spared a few hours to visit Palestine and Jerusalem during his three day sojourn in Israel as both locations were just a crows fly away.

He said that Prime Minister who spent three days in Israel strolling on the beach and also visiting museums etc could have also spent few hours visiting the grand Mosque of Palestine and also the Holy icons of Christianity at Jerusalem.

“If our PM, had displayed such statesmanship it would have gone a long way in reassuring all minorities in India and abroad confidence in the concept of secularism which was a core element of the Indian democracy,” he said.

Lamenting that the Prime Minister Narender Modi had failed to take note of the fact that Palestine had been one of an oldest supporter of India in the Middle East its past president Yassir Arafat, had been a great friend and supporter of India in the UN and other issues connected with Minorities on the world forums.

“PM had also ignored the fact that lakhs of Indians are working in Gulf countries in very good positions in governments and also in academic and business front.

A short visit by our PM to any of these countries or at least Palestine would have cemented lasting good will and brotherhood and elevated the pride of all Indians working there,” he said.

Shabbir Ali said that PM’s visit to Israel had sent a wrong and misguided signal to the friendly middle east countries and it is essential for both the PMO and the MEA to make a timely announcement on how and why the PM’s itinerary missed Palestine – even for few hours – and set right the diplomatic blunder. (INN)

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