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Only humans oppress female counterparts- Bruno Smadja
Only humans oppress female counterparts- Bruno Smadja

Only humans oppress female counterparts- Bruno Smadja

Hyderabad: “Human beings are perhaps the only living species who oppress women of their own kind whereas in other living beings we don’t see that they discriminate their female partners.

It is our responsibility to make women empowerment successful”. Bruno Smadja, Founder, Mobile Film Festival (MFF), Paris, France expressed these views today addressing online on the occasion of International Women’s Day.

The Instructional Media Centre (IMC), Maulana Azad National Urdu University (MANUU), in collaboration with Mobile Film Festival today organize a unique Film Festival based on the theme of Women Empowerment.

Sixty inspirational films of 1 minute duration each from 25 countries were screened at IMC Preview Theatre, MANUU as well as live streamed on IMC YouTube Channel and other social media platforms.

Speaking as the Chief Guest, Mr. Bruno said Women’s day is not for one day but for every day and it is not only the responsibility of women themselves but it our responsibility to make women empowerment successful.

Film maker in general take this engagement and try to portray how we can support women in society, education and every moment of life in a positive way through films, he added.

Prof. S M Rahmatullah, Vice-Chancellor I/c in his presidential address said that the ultimate objective of any society is the civilized existence of both men and women because there is no society without them. The civilized existence of all citizens can be ensured only when each partner of the society recognized the importance of the other.

I strongly believe that women can do wonders, they are very much there in all walks of life and fields. He rejected the portrayal of women as commercial object .

Film makers should think over it and try to characterize the role of women in positive way so that it can inspire women in the society. Consistence, commitment, confidence are enough to lead and sky will be limit for them, he advised.

Prof. Siddiqui Mohd. Mahmood, Registrar I/c in his address said not only physically challenged persons but all of us are differently abled because nature has created every one in different way and each and every person has got different talent. Talking about qualities, he said women got certain unique qualities such as patience, persistence etc. which are totally different from men.

He said education is the most important tool to empower women and print & electronic media is also a source to empower women as films have its own effective impact.

The guest of honor, Prof. Shahida Murtaza, Head, Dept. of Women Education, appreciating the effort of IMC for celebrating women’s day said that lip service in the sympathy of women is not needed what is required is women empowerment in true sense.

Half of population are suffering various pressures, women are fighting for reproductive health, legal rights, educational rights and survival in the world. Time has come to take pledge to provide women what is due to her and women deserve to be here as an individual, as a citizen, as a person with full life.

Earlier, Mr. Rizwan Ahamd, Director, IMC, in his welcome address threw light on the image of women in films. Talking about a female centric film Tejaswani based on the story of a police officer, he said after watching this particular film thousands of women joined police jobs, this is power of cinema.

Mr. Mohammed Mujahid Ali, Producer, IMC & the coordinator convened the programme. The programme was telecast live on IMC MANUU Youtube Channel. Mr. Omar Azmi, producer, IMC introduced the chief guest and proposed vote of thanks.

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