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Open Letter to MANUU Chancellor Firoz Bakht Ahmed

Attaullah Niazi, former President of Maulana Azad National University (MANUU) Students Union, in his open letter to MANUU Chancellor Firoz Bakht Ahmed reacts to his Facebook post that targets students of the University for hostel dinner hosted on 16 February 2019.

Respected Chancellor Sahab,

We have been witnessing your open disagreements with the University administration ever since you took the charge. You even attempted to defame the University through your connections with media.

With your latest Facebook post, you did not seem to spare even students of the University in your cheap politics and desperation.

You have mentioned in your post that students were celebrating gala musical evening. But the fact is that it was merely another yearly hostel dinner offered by the administration to the boarders. And for the event, they invited International Table Tennis player and motivational speaker Naina Jaiswal as the guest.

We are followers of the nationalism of Maulana Azad. We know respecting our Constitution, soldiers and all citizens. We do not need any certificate of patriotism from anyone including you or any party.

The language in your post used against female students is highly inappropriate for you as an elderly person, Chancellor and nephew of much reverend Maulana Azad.

It is easy to point fingers at others. It may be convenient for you to blame the University administration for mismanagement. However, you are ignoring the fact that you are also part of the overall university management. Hence, you too are apparently responsible in it.

Astonishingly, despite being the Chancellor you took the classes of MA English for almost 3 hours without a break. You indeed set an unprecedented example of being the only Chancellor who took the class and talked about Narendra Modi and BJP.

Had you followed the Code of Conduct of the Chancellor’s office, you would not have become a butt of joke among students and elsewhere.

I sincerely and respectfully suggest you to stop cheap and mean tricks to defame the University and its community. An institution outlives many administrators.

It is high time you correct your course, direct your energies in positive endeavors and stop becoming an embarrassment for the University, community, and the nation.

Attaullah Niazi
Former President
MANUU Student Union, 2017-18
Letter dated: 19-02-2019

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