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People must undo their mistake by not voting for BJP, TRS: Tharoor
People must undo their mistake by not voting for BJP, TRS: Tharoor

People must undo their mistake by not voting for BJP, TRS: Tharoor

Hyderabad: Stating that the nation has paid a terrible price with people electing BJP at the Centre and TRS in Telangana, Senior Congress leader Shashi Tharoor appealed the people to undo their mistake by not voting for BJP and TRS in next elections.

Shashi Tharoor, who also heads the All India Professional Congress, was in Hyderabad to attend a series of meetings of AIPC.

Addressing a press conference, along with TPCC President Capt. N. Uttam Kumar Reddy, AICC Spokesperson Salman Soz, ex-MLA Dr. J. Geetha Reddy and others at Gandhi Bhavan on Tuesday, Tharoor said that mistakes of electing wrong people were normal in a democracy.

However, he said that the great strength of a democracy is its self-correction mode wherein people could undo their mistake next time they come to vote.

With elections round the corner, he said people need to be enlightened on the challenges being faced by India both at the national and State levels.

Shashi Tharoor said that the number of failed promises of BJP Government was quite stunning. “We cannot blame voters for thinking that Modi had a vision for the country. His speeches were very good in diagnosing some of the problems and challenges facing India.

Unfortunately, he would not have been a good doctor. Because he stopped only at diagnosis and no effective prescription was given and there was no delivery of medicine,” he said. Consequently, he said the country is now being ruled by a series of slogans like Digital India, Make in India, etc., with no implementation of tangible benefits for people.

Citing instances, he said demonitisation was disaster which all global experts have described as terribly ill-conceived and badly implemented idea. It said the demonitisation had a negative impact on the GDP and also led to huge loss of jobs, particularly for daily wage earners.

Similarly, the GST was introduced in a botched manner and now a small shop owner need to fill 37 forms to pay GST. He said there was stagnation of exports and industrial manufacturing went dry. There was no success story in any sector, he said.

Giving comparative figures, Shashi Tharoor said while the present BJP-led NDA Government was levying a tax of Rs. 19.48 on each litre of petrol, under UPA regime, the tax was just Rs. 3.92. Similarly, price of a gas cylinder in UPA regime was around Rs. 390 which has now increased to Rs. 840 in NDA Government.

“Aam Aadmi (common man) has not seen ‘ache din’ (good days). Instead, what has come is hatred and bigotry and a mounting intolerance has been unleashed. Human beings are assaulted and killed in the name of cow protection. People in responsible positions are behaving irresponsibly in their choice of language.

There has been mis-governance and BJP rule is proving to be disastrous for the country. Unfortunately, this mis-governance is being supported by the TRS Government,” he said.

Shashi Tharoor also accused the BJP Government of betraying the promises made with Andhra and Telangana States in the Andhra Pradesh Reorganisation Act.

He also described the TRS as an ally of BJP. “TRS, which claims itself to be secular, voted for BJP candidates in the President and Vice President’s elections. KCR was the first to support Modi on demonitisation and GST. Abstaining from voting during No Confidence Motion was a gesture of support to Modi Government.

In fact, KCR was the only Chief Minister praised by PM Modi in his two-hour speech. Can there be any doubt that the govt in Telangana acting as a surrogate of govt in New Delhi,” he said adding that voters in the State must realise that a vote for TRS is a vote for BJP. He described the BJP-TRS friendship as an ‘unholy alliance’.

The Congress leader also slammed the BJP and TRS Government for suppressing opposition. He said Dharna Chowk in Hyderabad has been removed to suppress any kind of protest. Calling Right to Information Act as an achievement of UPA Government, he said TRS Government had reportedly placed over 30,000 GOs in Confidential Category to hide information from people.

Similarly, he said no respect has been shown to other Central Acts like Land Acquisition Act to deny rightful compensation to farmers.

Shashi Tharoor also alleged that the farmers in the country have been betrayed by not giving them proper MSP or ensuring the benefit of crop insurance. He said suicide by over 4,500 farmers in Telangana clearly indicates how the BJP and TRS Governments have betrayed those who are feeding the nation. He said there was a need to return to the true spirit of ‘Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan’.

The Congress leader also defended his statement against Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj’s speech at UNGC and said it disappointed all true patriots. He also demanded a thorough probe into the Rafale deal and said that the nation deserves to know the truth.

AICC Spokesperson Salman Soz said not only BJP President Amit Shah and PM Modi were experts in ‘jumlabaazi’, but KCR too was also good at the act. He said 12% reservation for Muslims was a ‘Jumla’ used by KCR to come to power. He said for some people like KCR it has become easier to cheat people.

“They come to power luring people with ‘jumla’, indulge in corruption and then use a bit of same money to retain power so that they can again indulge in huge corruption. The same model is in implementation in Delhi as well as Hyderabad,” he said.

Salman Soz also targeted MIM President Asaduddin Owaisi for his friendship with KCR. “Asaduddin Owaisi talks about secularism while being closer to KCR, who is a friend of PM Modi. Therefore, Owaisi is actually with BJP through KCR,” he said and also questioned as to why KCR did not speaking against Modi Government on incidents of mob lynching.

Earlier, the TPCC president appealed the professionals not to remain a mute spectator to the dictatorial and corrupt regime of KCR. He said the professionals must help the Congress party in putting an end to the draconian TRS regime.

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