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Students engaged in experiment - Syzygy
Students engaged in experiment - Syzygy

Practical education in Telangana schools: Syzygy inspires students

Syzygy – Tit tiri tiww, an initiative started by a group of engineering students from CBIT (Chaitanya Bharathi Institute of Technology) in 2017, inspired students across schools in Telangana State.

“The main aim of Syzygy is to bridge the gap between theoretical learning in classroom and practical learning developed when one works on one’s own,” said Shiva Kumar A., the founder of Syzygy.

He noted that there were multiple schools across Telangana that lacked the basic facility of a lab, and Syzygy was directed to fulfill the need in that area.

Further, he explained that the idea was presented as a low-cost model bringing a lab directly to students’ end, so that students wouldn’t have to go out searching for one.

Syzygy team member Shiva receiving memento
Syzygy team member Shiva receiving memento

In last two years, Syzygy has scaled up considerably. With a start off as a single team of engineering students, it has bloomed into multiple independently operating teams.

Initially, Syzygy had visited schools of varying levels in Hyderabad with the support of Hyderabad Youth Mirror (HYM) and created footprints in every opportunity.

According to Shiva, Syzygy trained as many as 3000 students across Telangana in last two years. By next year, the team hopes to inspire another 2000.

For further details, visit StarGazers – Tit tiri tiww.

[Note: HYM continues to support the idea so far it benefits the school students and remains a non-commercial activity

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