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Practice Communal Harmony for a Prosperous India, Scholars Urge

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Religious scholars and academicians have called upon the Muslims to play a proactive role in interacting with other communities in order to clear the misconceptions on their religion and misunderstandings.

In a seminar organized by the Jamiatul Muminaat Girls Institution on its Silver Jubilee celebrations, the scholars have urged the people to have tolerance towards every religion and practice communal harmony for a prosperous India in coming years.

Noted social activist and religious functionary Prof Islamuddin Mujahid said that while the atrocities on Minorities in the country were condemnable it was equally necessary for the Muslims to interact with the other communities to ward off the misconceptions.

Speaking on the occasion of a seminar on brotherhood and tolerance at Shahi Mosque on Sunday he said that first and foremost teachings of Islam were about tolerance and making peace with other communities.

He said that India cannot be united without continuing the centuries old brotherhood among various communities. On the other hand MANUU professor Aleem Ashraf Jaysi on this occasion said that Islam’s land was fertile and that was the reason it grows a larger chunk of weeds along with useful crop.

He said, “It is the responsibility of farmers (Muslims) of Islam to remove the weeds from the fields of Islam so that people of world can differentiate between good and bad.”

Condemning the attacks in Paris which were allegedly carried out by ISIS, a dubious terror outfit of Central Asia, he termed it part of weed in the fields of Islam.

He said that Muslims must control their anger and should not react to the provoking statements and slanders. He strongly condemned the ideology behind the Paris attack and called the attackers anti-human.

Several other religious leaders have also asked the people of various communities to unite against divisive forces in the country in order to ensure peace and prosperity in country.

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