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Congress will eradicate poverty in next five years: Rahul Gandhi
Congress will eradicate poverty in next five years: Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi promises to deliver Telangana of people’s dreams

Kodad: “We will deliver Telangana of your dreams. It will be your voice that will control the State. Telangana will not be run by one family, but by the people,” promised Congress president Rahul Gandhi while addressing a mammoth gathering at Bypass Ground in Kodad on the last day of election campaign on Wednesday.

Lakhs of people attended the meeting and the gathering was huge that it led to traffic jam on Vijaywada Highway for several hours.

Showing people clouds in the sky, Rahul Gandhi said similar clouds have formed in Telangana politics and there would be a cyclone of change soon.

‘Ye badlav ka toofan aayega’, he said and added, “We want to stand with you to complete the task of building a new golden Telangana. We want to listen to you and run the government,” he said.

Rahul Gandhi had begun the speech saying that the people of Telangana had seen a dream about five years ago. “Women, farmers and youth have shed their sweat and blood to achieve statehood.

But all their dreams have been shattered by KCR,” he said. People of Telangana did not get ‘Neellu, Nidhulu and Niyamakulu (water, jobs and funds) and also lost their self-respect, he said.

The Congress president said KCR had come to Nalgonda a few days ago and he announced that he wanted to adopt the district. “I think wherever he goes, he says the same thing. If you want to adopt, then adopt the farmers’ of Telangana, adopt youth of Telangana and adopt the families who lost their loved ones for statehood cause.

More than 4,500 farmers committed suicide in the last four-and-a-half years. Nearly 33 lakh youth are jobless. There are lakhs of people waiting for double bed room houses and three acres of land. You should adopt all of them,” Rahul Gandhi told KCR.

Rahul Gandhi said TRS Govt did neither helped the farmers nor youth. He said KCR escalated the cost of various projects in the name of re-designing and therefore, people of Telangana gave him a new name “Khao Commission Rao”.

He said while every family in Telangana has been pushed into debts of Rs. 2.5 lakh each, the income of KCR’s son KTR has increased by over 400% in the last four years.

“Only KCR family got all the benefits and people of Telangana suffered only losses. You are drinking mineral water, but people of Nalgonda are still drinking flouride-affected water,” he said.

He announced that the Sriram Sagar project would be revived and people of erstwhile Nalgonda district would be provided safe drinking water.

Rahul Gandhi said KCR during his first visit to Nalgonda had promised to establish a hospital. He came to Nalgonda a few days ago and repeated the promise. “What you left unfilled, will be implemented by us and we will construct the hospital for people of Nalgonda,” he said.

He also promised to implement crop loan waiver, better prices of all crops, implementation of Land Acquisition Act and restoration of powers to Gram Panchayats.

“Chief Minister of our government will spend 18 hours to provide jobs. Youth power is being wasted now and we will utilise by giving jobs. All jobless youth will be given Rs. 3,000 allowance every month. 20% of budget will be allocated for education.

There will be new colleges, universities and schools and your children will get admissions in all the institutions. Every mandal will get a 30-bedded hospital and people will get free treatment up to Rs. 5 lakh,” he promised and said that the Congress-led People’s Front would create a new golden Telangana with people’s power.

Rahul Gandhi accused Prime Minister Narender Modi of creating a divide among people on the basis of religion and region. He said Modi has reduced the power and might of India. Calling TRS as T-RSS, he said after defeating KCR in Hyderabad, the coalition would defeat Modi in Delhi.

He said Modi has given public money to Anil Ambani, Neerav Modi and Mallaya. “We will bring back money from them and distribute it among people,” he said.

Praising the spirit of people of Telangana, he said people had achieved Telangana and now it was the responsibility of all to make it prosper. “On every product, we see the tag ‘Made in China’. I want to see the tag ‘Made in Telangana’ and ‘Made in Nalgonda’. That will be the real dream of Telangana,” he said. (INN)

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