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Ram Puniani launches 'Unite India' App to promote Indian nationalism
Ram Puniani launches 'Unite India' App to promote Indian nationalism

Ram Puniani launches ‘Unite India’ App to promote Indian nationalism

Hyderabad: Noted historian and author Ram Puniani on Saturday launched a unique Diploma Course in Communal Harmony through a Mobile App ‘Unite India’ designed by All India Secular Forum.

Speaking after launching the App, Ram Puniani said that ‘Unite India’ App would clear many misconceptions which are creating hatred within various communities in India.

Stating that most of the misconceptions on religion and history were created by vested interests for political gains, he said those completing Diploma in Communal Harmony could easily defeat such hate mongers.

He said it were the British who first linked kings with their religion to pursue the politics of ‘Divide & Rule’. Later, the medieval history was distorted which unleashed a series of misconceptions which consequently resulted in created hatred among Hindus, Muslims and Christians.

It often led to violent riots and none of them were spontaneous, but organised.

Ram Puniani also cautioned against distortion of history through a TV serial on a popular channel. He said that war between Marathas and Mughals at Haldi Ghati was being presented as a war between Muslim King Akbar and Hindu King Maharana Pratap.

He said Mughal Emperor Akbar himself did not participate in Haldi Ghati war and Mughal Army was led by Raja Man Singh assisted by Shahzada Saleem while Maharana Pratap’s contingent was led by Hakeem Khan Suri. He said those wars were for power and kingdom and had nothing to do with religion.

He also informed a majority of Akbar’s Nauratans were Hindus and almost 34% officers in Aurangzeb’s kindgom were Hindus.

He said that the ‘Unite India’ App aims to promote Indian nationalism practiced by Mahatma Gandhi, Moulana Azad, Bhagat Singh, Dr. B.R. Ambedkar and Subhash Chandrabose. It will also counter the religion-based nationalism which was practiced people like Mohammed Ali Jinnah and Sarvarkar.

The course is primarily divided into 11 chapters including Communal Violence, Misconceptions About Minorities, Alliances Amongst Kings, Islam In India, India’s Mixed Culture, Colonial Period, Indian Nationalism, Kashmir Issue, Global Terrorism Today and Communalism Today.

The chapters are sub-divided into 68 topics with each giving clear and precise answer to one popular myth. The candidates will have to write exam after the end of each topic. Each topic is of about 200 words and the candidates need to give correct answers for at least three out of five questions to pass the test.

After the completion of entire course, the candidates will be awarded a Diploma in Communal Harmony by Dr. Ram Puniani. On an average, a person will be able to complete the entire course in a span of 10 hours.

The topics covered in this course touch upon widely discussed issues like origin of Islam in India, Babri Masjid, Mumbai rights, Godhra carnage, etc., to current topics like RSS concept of nationalism, terrorism in Kashmir, Love Jihad and naming a child after Taimur.

Ram Puniani said that the entire content is of about 22,000 words and it would be updated as and when required.

“A majority of people in India are ignorant of historical facts and therefore, they fall prey to the false propaganda carried out by some communal elements who spread hatred by distorting truth.

It is quite possible to pollute minds using wrong information, but it is impossible to vitiate hearts who always respond positively to the call of truth.

Through ‘Unite India’ App, All India Secular Forum (AISF) will be trying to touch the hearts of all peace-loving Indians by making them study and understand the research work of Ram Puniani which would clear most of their misconceptions and answer myths,” said Syed Khalid, the AISF member.

The “Unite India” App can be downloaded for free on Android platforms from Google Play Store. (INN)

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