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Chief Minister K. Chandrashekhar Rao
Chief Minister K. Chandrashekhar Rao

Revenue Dept staff gets one month basic salary as incentive

Hyderabad: Chief Minister K. Chandrashekhar Rao has decided to give one month’s basic salary as incentive to the staff and employees of the Revenue department who have successfully completed the most difficult programme of Land Records Purification.

The Chief Minister has instructed the officials concerned to give one month’s basic pay to 10,809 Revenue employees, 24, 410 VRAs, 530 Survey employees, in total 35,749 employees. He congratulated the revenue employees for successfully conducting the programme in a record time of 100 days often working day and night, which is never ever done in the country.

He described that having employees with such dedication, commitment is nothing but good fortune of the Telangana people and farmers. He has conveyed his thanks to the employees on behalf of the people and farmers in the State.

“The land records maintenance was not proper for the past 80 years. There was a total neglect in updating the data and information on purchase and sale of the lands. This has resulted in land records becoming confusing. The government has decided to implement Investment Support Scheme for Agriculture in the State and this led to establish the actual right of the person on the land.

Hence the government has decided to purify the land records entirely in the state and implement the scheme. In tune with the aims and objectives of the government, the revenue employees within 100 days went to the villages, spoke to the farmers and brought in clarity about the ownership rights of lands. The employees brought in clarity with regard to the lands owned by farmers as well that of the Assignee farmers.

In the state 22.5 Lakh acres of land was distributed among the poor, of this, there is clarity on the ownership rights on 20 Lakh acres of the land. The officials are making efforts get clarity on the remaining 2.5-lakh acres of land.

Total clarity on the ownership right of land came out except the lands about which cases are pending in the court and the lands in litigation between the revenue and Forest departments. The revenue employees achieved a milestone which nobody else in the country. To encourage them we will give one month’s basic salary as an incentive,” the CM said.

The Chief Minister held a review meeting in Pragati Bhavan on Saturday on the Land records Purification, distribution of the new Passbooks. Finance Minister Etela Rajender, Government Advisor GR Reddy, Senior officials S Narsing Rao, Rajeshwar Tiwari, Rama krishna Rao, Shiv shankar, Vakati Karuna, Smita Sabharwal, Collectors Raghunandan Rao, MV Reddy and others participated.

“The Land records Purification programme has shown the benefit of having new districts. The programme is successfully implemented and completed and became possible since the districts are small. This is a litmus test for the efficiency of the new collectors who have shown their mettle. They have done their duty extraordinarily,” the CM said.

“In Telangana state a major percentage of officials and staff are working sincerely and with commitment. Compared to the past, there is a substantial improvement in the working of the employees and they are doing their duties with hard work. They are doing a lot of service in taking the government programmes and policies to the people.

The public health is improved due to the hard work put in by the medical and health staff. In the past there used to be deliveries at the government hospitals, which were less than 2 lakh.

This number has improved substantially. Engineers in the construction of irrigation projects, officials in R&B and Panchayat Raj in laying of the roads and officials from various other departments are getting good results. The policies of the government are also transparent and these are being implemented without giving any scope for corruption.

The government wants proper salaries for the employees who are implementing these programmes. This is the reason why 42-point fitment is given to the employees as pay revision after achieving the Telangana state. We have also given the Telangana increment. In future too, we have decided to give good salaries and allowances to the employees,” the CM said. (INN)

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