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Shaz Tamkanat: Literary genius remembered

In the world of literature, Hyderabad’s Urdu poet Shaz Tamkanat is remembered as a man of extra-ordinary literary talent. But a friend of him recalls Shaz as a man with various talents.

At a function to mark his 84th birth anniversary, retired Prof. Syed Khalid Qadri remembered Shaz as the only Urdu poet whose poetry landed him into a prestigious University post.

Shaz appeared elegant in his usual white pyjama and black sherwani suite, recalled Prof. Qadri while noting that his signature was artistic. “I was amazed at his calligraphic writing”, he added.

Shaz was a literary genius and a towering personality. He wrote about six books, apart from composing thousands of Urdu poems.

In the special event at Lamakaan yesterday, Hyderabad’s famous Warsi Brothers performed on ghazals of Shaz to pay him rich tributes.

The packed audience at Lamakaan included family members of Shaz Tamkanat, his friends, colleagues, well-wishers, senior diplomat Dr Ausaf Sayeed and the soul of Lamakaan Ashhar Farhan.

Watch: Ghazal of Shaz Tamakanat performed by Warsi Brothers

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