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SIO_Osmania_Hyderabad_Medical Students
SIO_Osmania_Hyderabad_Medical Students

SIO Osmania Organizes Orientation Program for Medicos

Staff Reporter/HYM News #

A three days orientation program for medical students was organized by Campus Unit of Students Islamic Organisation of India (SIO) at Urdu Maskan Hall in  Khilwat, Hyderabad.

As many as 420 medical students from Osmania Medical College (OMC), Deccan Medical College, Shadan Medical College, Gandhi Medical College, and Bhaskara Medical College attended the orientation to excellence classes.

The 3-days program from 11-14 November, was addressed by Dr. Samiuzzama (Cardiologist), Dr. AbdulKhabeer (ENT specialist), Dr. Atif Ismail (Pulmonologist) and Dr. Iftekhaaruddin (of MESCO).

The chief organiser of the event was Abdus Sattar, who is a member of SIO OMC. An MBBS Intern at OMC, Mr. Talha Faiyazuddin said that the participating medical students were excited about the orientation program and applauded the efforts of SIO OMC unit.

“They wished for several similar programs in the future”, said Mr. Faiyazuddin, who is also a member of SIO OMC .

Chief Faculty of the program was a famous doctor from All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS). SIO Telangana president Engr. Abdul Malik Shariq also graced the event, and advised students to excel in their field of study.

Program Highlights:

  • Orientation of all medical subjects being taught during four and a half years of the course.
  • What to study and how to study.
  • Study resources for medical students
  • Subject priorities and what comes when.
  • How to become a smart doctor…etc.
SIO_Osmania_Hyderabad_Medical Students_01
SIO_Osmania_Hyderabad_Medical Students_01
SIO_Osmania_Hyderabad_Medical Students_02
SIO_Osmania_Hyderabad_Medical Students_02

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  1. Dr Sikander Ali Khan Lodhi

    Jazak Allah
    Congratulations. Very good effort.
    I am ophthalmologist, a teaching faculty at OMC / SAROJINI DEVI Eye Hospital.
    Please inform me if I may be of any help.

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