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Speakers praise women’s contribution in promoting Persian
Speakers praise women’s contribution in promoting Persian

Speakers praise women’s contribution in promoting Persian

Hyderabad: Contribution of Women in Promotion of Persian Language matches her men counterpart. In fact the medieval India has also seen a foray of women laureates who left indelible foot prints on the canvas of Persian language and literature.

Eminent Persian Scholar, Prof. Azarmi Dukht Safavi, Advisor, Persian Research Institute, Aligarh Muslim University, expressed these views today at Maulana Azad National Urdu University (MANUU), while delivering the keynote address in the inaugural of International Conference “The Contribution of Women in Promotion of Persian Language, Literature, Science, Art, Culture and Civilization” being organized by Department of Persian, MANUU in collaboration with National Council for Promotion Urdu Language, New Delhi.

Prof. Ayub Khan, Vice-Chancellor Incharge presided over. Prof. Safavi complaint that women does not get due recognition for their contribution in the field of literature. Referring to the women laureates of Medieval India, she named Rabia, Razia Sultana, Maham Begum, Gulbadan Begum, Jana Begum, Noor Jahan from Deccan Mahlaqa Bai Chanda etc.

Prof. Safavi described Gulbadan Begum, who wrote Humayun Nama, as the first lady histrographer of India.  Mr. Raheemuddin Ansari, Chairman, Telangana Urdu Academy in his address as guest of honour acknowledged that contribution of women in every sphere of life is in-deniable.

Prof. Ayub Khan, in his presidential remarks appreciated the topic of the conference which helps in understanding the women’s contribution. In any given case, women often play her role better than men, he quipped.

Prof. Azizuddin Hamdani, former Director, Rampur Raza Library, made it clear that despite the basic teaching of Islam about equal access to knowledge, there was no Madarsa for Women between 13 th & 18 th century in India. Education and empowerment of women came into focus only after the arrival of British, he claimed.

Prof. Ali Raza Qazwa, Deputy Cultural Counsellor, Iran Culture House, Islamic Republic of Iran, New Delhi, & Prof. Ahmad Jan Qaranbakov from Tashkent also spoke.

Earlier, Prof. Aziz Bano, Director Conference delivered the welcome address. Prof. Shahid Naukhez Azmi, Head, Department invited the guests to the dias. Assistant Professors – Dr. Junaid Ahmad proposed vote of thanks and Dr. Asmath Jahan conducted the proceedings. Eminent scholars from different parts of India & abroad are attending the two day conference.

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