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Sravan lodges police complaint against fake message on his "exit"
Sravan lodges police complaint against fake message on his "exit"

Sravan lodges police complaint against fake message on his “exit”

Hyderabad: Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee (TPCC) Chief Spokesperson Dr. Sravan Dasoju lodge a complaint with Central Crime Station of Hyderabad City Police alleging that a fake message was being circulated by some unidentified persons alleging his plan to leave the Congress party.

Accompanied with ex-MP M. Anjan Yadav and other Congress leaders, Sravan met the DCP and handed over the complaint.

In his complaint, Sravan informed that a picture with some text in Telugu language was being circulated to tarnish his image. The verbatim content of aforesaid message read, “Congress Parteelo BC La Ku Theevra Anyayam Jaruguthundi..;

Anduke Paarteeni Veedalani Nirnayinchukunna…; Ee Redla Adhipathyamlo Imidi Undalekapothunna..”. If it is translated to English, it reads as “there is severe injustice to BCs in the Congress Party; Hence I decided to leave the party; I am not able to adjust under the of Reddys’ Supremacy”.

Sravan said that the above message was neither prepared by him nor circulated by him. “It appears to be an unscrupulous act of unknown offenders/culprits. This sort of criminal campaign by unknown offenders is possible only either by hacking my account, or morphing my account or creating an image/impression reflecting it like a replica of my own.

For the last two days, these unknown offenders are sending these images to netizen across the world through Whatsup including in Telangana. Similar campaign, tarnishing my image, was done against me few months ago, but I ignored at that point of time,” he said.

Stating that the present campaign was a vicious attempt causing immense disrepute to him, damaging his honesty and integrity and creating rifts within the Congress party. “It is a conspiracy to deliberately plant an impression that there is injustice to BCs in the Congress Party and hence I am leaving the party.

It is nothing but a cunning attempt of indulging in my character assassination, defaming and sabotaging my career and it is causing massive mental agony. This fraudulent act of spreading false message is nothing but a serious offence, violating the rule of law,” he said.

Speaking to media persons later, Sravan said that the unidentified culprits might those people and parties who inimically opposed to the principles and policies of the Indian National Congress Party and him, in particular. However, he strongly suspected that any members of TRS Party or IT Division of TRS Party might have indulged in this mischievous game.

He demanded that the police investigate into the matter as a grave cyber crime has been committed. He said those involved must be booked, arrested and tried under suitable criminal laws. (INN)

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