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T-Hub completes five years of building Innovation Eco-system in Telangana

Hyderabad: Since 2015, T-Hub, which today celebrates its fifth anniversary, has contributed to the Indian innovation ecosystem by institutionalising innovation initiatives for start-ups, businesses, and more, and creating a global hub for innovation. Over 1,100 start-ups and over 430 companies have been affected.

Over 75 innovation initiatives have been planned and delivered by T-Hub, allowed start-ups to go-to-market, attracted clients, raised funds and motivated businesses to develop a culture of innovation and create impact.

Jayesh Ranjan, Telangana ‘s chief secretary of IT & Industries, said, “A large percentage of this generation is becoming entrepreneurs, and organisations such as T-Hub are sowing the seeds early.”

They show the ecosystem the real potential to start a company and provide direction to make it a success. The government of Telangana appreciates T-Hub for building a vibrant ecosystem of innovation in Telangana that transcends the globe.

Major Milestones:

Through its flagship initiative, Lab32, the start-up innovation team has helped start-ups including Chitmonks, Drink Prime and Pulse collect funds.

The corporate innovation programme of T-Hub has affected Indian companies and MNCs from all over the world, including Raytheon Innovations, Boeing, and Oppo.

The corporate memberships and partnerships of T-Hub have helped more than 350 start-ups to work together, present Proof of Concept (PoC) work, raise money or get acquired by larger companies, out of which 100 Hyderabad start-ups are involved in such programmes.

Over the last year, T-Hub has established international connections, including the Government of South Korea, the Japan Investment and Cooperation Agency (JICA) and others, which have helped develop more than 325 international start-up connections.

T-Hub continues to evaluate collaborations with IIT, IIIT, NALSAR, TiE, CII, NASSCOM, HYSEA, DST, MietY, AIM, Startup India, as well as partners from the Telangana Innovation Network, with international and national government agencies, research institutes, and ecosystem enablers.

Under the leadership of Ravi Narayan, T-Hub, in partnership with Telangana innovation partners and other innovation stakeholders from around the world, has been implementing its vision to activate and empower a global innovation ecosystem through a three-pronged strategy to create an impact for startups, corporations and other stakeholders of the innovation ecosystem.

“Innovation is not just an invention, but is the product of intensive efforts to make it of market value, accompanied by multiple partnerships, continuous coaching, and networking in the ecosystem,” said Ravi Narayan, CEO of T-Hub and CIO, Telangana.

T-Hub has seen an increase in the total number of start-ups from 400 to 2,000 over the last few years in the state, he added, because of this robust innovation ecosystem that T-Hub and other enablers in Telangana have created.

Performance Benchmarks:

The most recent Startup Genome Global Startup Ecosystem Study (GSER) represents the contribution of T-Hub and testifies to the effect it has generated over a short period of time.

The report has a special feature on Telangana, highlighting its rising ecosystem of innovation and providing it as a leading Indian tech hub with worldwide visibility.

The performance of Telangana was benchmarked, and Telangana for affordable talent was recognised as the Top 30 Global Ecosystems. Out of 300 ecosystems globally that they analysed, Hyderabad was recognised in the Top 100 Emerging Ecosystems List. (INN)

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