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Three Day Night School on Caste at Lamakaan

Dr B R Ambedkar - Father of India's Constitution, Messiah of Dalits

A night school series on “Caste: origin, evolution and proposed program for its annihilation” is being organised at Lamakaan inin Banja Hills. The three day event, which starts today, will have following sessions: Day 1. Origin and evolution of caste Day 2. Critical appraisal of the anti-caste movements of Ayyankali, …

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October Revolution remembered on its centenary at Lamakaan

October Revolution Centenary Talk at Lamakaan, Hyderabad

Marxist thinker Shashi Prakash recalled achievements of Russian revolution at an event organized at Lamakaan on Saturday to mark centenary of October Revolution. In the talk on ‘Socialist Experiments of the Last Century and Path of New Socialist Revolution in the Current Century’, editor of The Anvil threw light on …

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In Conversation with Unsung Heroes of Lamakaan

Lamakaan -- (BR) Vijay, Manoj, Akshay, Kamlakar, Kailash – (FR) Basant, Bharat, Praful, Rajiv, Manas, Krishna

Lamakaan has emerged as a place of Hyderabad’s pride. Being an open cultural space, it attracts at least 200 people daily, who come to listen, watch, discuss, perform and learn. As Lamakaan rides high and celebrates its seventh anniversary, we spoke with visitors and people who are driving force of …

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Shaz Tamkanat: Literary genius remembered

Warsi Brothers perform on Shaz Tamkanat birth anniversay at Lamakaan

In the world of literature, Hyderabad’s Urdu poet Shaz Tamkanat is remembered as a man of extra-ordinary literary talent. But a friend of him recalls Shaz as a man with various talents. At a function to mark his 84th birth anniversary, retired Prof. Syed Khalid Qadri remembered Shaz as the …

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