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Telangana becoming a role model State: Governor
Telangana becoming a role model State: Governor

Telangana becoming a role model State: Governor

Hyderabad: Governor E.S.L. Narasimhan said that the Telangana was becoming a role model State in the country.

“I feel proud and happy to declare that the State is moving ahead, living up to the expectations of people, fulfilling their desires and becoming a role model state to others in the country.

I am confident that given this pace of progress, we would soon reach the destination of Bangaru Telangana,” the Governor said while delivering his ceremonial address from Parade Grounds on the occasion of 69th Republic Day on Friday.

The Governor, in his 15-page long speech, listed out various achievements of Telangana Government. On the power front, he said that the State has achieved tremendous results. At the time of the State’s formation, the captive power generation was 6,574 MWs.

Today, 14,845 MWs of power is available in the state. Power plants are being constructed to achieve the target of 28,000 MW of power generation and make the state power surplus, he said. “Today we stand proud supplying free and 24-hour uninterrupted, quality power to the agriculture sector from first January 2018 onwards.

This is a boon the government has given to the “Annadaataas” in the state and proof of my government’s ability, efficiency, dedication and good governance,” he said.

The Governor said that the State Government was implementing a plethora of programmes and schemes for the welfare of poor, for the development of agriculture sector, for strengthening the rural economy, for infrastructure development, for industrial growth and so on. “The schemes have started bringing smiles on the face of the populace.

On welfare schemes my government is spending an estimated Rs.40,000 crore annually to help the poor and needy,” he said.

Narasimhan said that the government was committed to make both agriculture and hereditary professions economically viable and thereby strengthen the rural economy. “My government is taking several measures to make agriculture remunerative.

From 2018-19 Budget onwards, my government proposes to introduce a separate Budget for the agriculture,” he said.

The Governor also made a mention of successful implementation of crop loan waiver scheme, steps taken to provide quality seeds and fertilizers to farmers and measures taken to stop sale of spurious seeds and adulterated fertilizers. He also gave a detailed account of irrigation projects being constructed in the State.

“A scheme to revive and rejuvenate SRSP is in the process. Kaleshwaram project when completed will witness large parts of Telangana benefitting,” he said.

Narasimhan also said that the decision to provide Rs. 8,000 per acre per annum as investment support for agriculture was taken to aid farmers and prevent them falling into debt traps.

The Governor also spoke about Aasra Pensions, Kalyana Laxmi scheme, Aarogya Laxmi scheme, land purification drive and other welfare schemes, residential schools, upgradation of public hospitals, Haritha Haram programme and administrative reforms introduced by the State Government.

“The State has been moving forward with a proper plan of action for creating employment potential and industrial growth. It had enacted an innovative TSiPASS Act which has achieved good success. The policy has so far attracted 6070 industries which have been accorded all clearances.

Of these 2000 have already gone in to production. With these new industries, the state has received Rs.1,18,000 crore investments and over 2 lakh jobs are created,” the Governor claimed.

Narasimhan said that due to the efforts put in by his government in the manufacturing sector, the State’s Gross State Domestic Product growth rate stood at 13.9 percent in 2016-17 on current prices as against national average of 11%.

In the 2016-17 financial year, the state’s per capita income is Rs.1,55,216/- as against Rs.1,03,219/- at the national level. Till 2017-18 December the growth rate of the state is pegged at 18 percent.

“My government is working on laying the foundation of basic human values, overall welfare of all sections of the people particularly the downtrodden, coordinating technological development with needs of the people, removing social inequalities, protecting the environment, strengthening the rural economy,

improving the urban infrastructure and finally marching towards improving the living standards of the people,” the Governor said. (INN)

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