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Chief Minister K. Chandrashekhar Rao
Chief Minister K. Chandrashekhar Rao

Telangana CM envisions comprehensive development of villages

Hyderabad: Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao envisioned an out of box thinking for the comprehensive development of villages aiming at “clean village by all means” against the backdrop of new Panchayati Raj Act.

CM said that in the coming three months an action plan has to be evolved for the comprehensive development of villages and during the first month, the activity on cleaning the village has to be taken-up. CM said that the cleaning campaign shall commence from August 15, 2018-Independence Day and to be over in a month.

The CM desired that the salaries and allowances of necessary village Panchayati Raj staff in general and sanitation staff in particular should be enhanced.

Making full utilization of MGNAREGA funds, weeding out unnecessary plants, removal of debris, gravelling of all water logging pits, motivating villagers for sramadan, developing independent nurseries, village cleaning, Haritha haram etc are some of the activities the CM asked the officers concerned in the Panchayati Raj department to take up for the overall development of villages.

Chief Minister held a review meeting on Panchayati Raj department on Thursday afternoon in Pragathi Bhavan. PR Minister Jupally Krishna Rao, Chief Secretary to Government SK Joshi, CMO Principal Secretaries S Narsing Rao and Santi Kumari, CMO Secretary Smita Sabharval, Special Secretary Bhoopal Reddy, PCCF PK Jha, OSD CMO Priyanka Varghese, Commissioner PR Neethu Prasad and Mining Corporation Chairman Seri Subhash Reddy participated in the review meeting.

CM KCR reviewing the department activities with specific reference to village panchayats said that, “It is unfortunate that PR institutions were not functioning on expected lines and hence requires a total rehaul. Panchayati Raj is in fact not a department but a was a moment.

Both Panchayati Raj moment and Cooperative moment were failures in the erstwhile governments. People are not aware the united strength that they derive if they work together. The original name of Panchayati Raj was Community Development which was aimed at solving village level issues and unite the people.

That has now gone. They have become politicised, departmentalised and compartmentalised. People who are individually great were flop as a team”.

Giving a broad direction as to what is to be done for the development of villages the CM said:
• MGNAREGA funds are to be fully utilized and a visible change has to come within the next three months
• Decide on targets as to what has to be achieved in the next one month, two months and three months
• The first appearance in any village in the form of dirtiness shall disappear at any cost
• Clean village by all means
• Removal of weeds of all types
• All debris shall be removed, and it should be top priority
• All types of roads in the villages are to be repaired and wherever required gravelling to be taken up
• Waterlogging centres should be closed. There shall not be any waterlogging area in the village
• Special officers and panchayat secretaries of the village Panchayaths shall motivate villagers to participate in sramadan once a week
• Special officers and secretaries should undertake padayatras with elders of villages once in a while
• Each village shall have its own independent nursery. They shall collect the indents from farmers and house owners of their requirement of saplings
• Data about all types available land for plantation should be collected
• Mosquito repellent saplings like TULASI (BASIL) are to be planted widely
• Every school should observe Haritha haram and the special officers shall sensitize the students
• Proper utilization of Mission Bhagiratha water. Water shall not be wasted
• Data on village roads, drains, road length, crematorium (Vaikunthadhamam), common dump yards, dobhighat etc to be collected and wherever they are not there, steps to be taken to provide them in due course
• All the drains in the villages should be defecated
• Villages should be clean and green
• The needs of villages are to be identified
• Assess the amount of garbage that is produced in a village and work out program for its disposal
• Provision for birth and death certificates and encourage for marriage registrations
• Top priority shall be given for enhancement of salaries and allowances of village Panchayati Raj staff in general and Sanitation staff in particular.

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