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Telangana reports 331 fresh COVID cases, three more deaths

Hyderabad: Telangana registered 331 new COVID cases, bringing the total tally to 2,90,640 in the state. On January 12th, three new fatalities were confirmed, raising the total to 1,571. The state’s fatality rate is 0.54%, which is less than the 1.4% national average.

As many as 61 new cases were registered in the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation district, while Rangareddy reported 21 new cases.

The Telangana district is seeing an increase in incidents. 28 new cases were registered by MedchalMalkajgiri, while Karimnagar reported 25 new cases.

On Tuesday, roughly 394 people recovered from the outbreak, raising the overall recovery count to 2,84,611. According to the government, the recovery rate now stands at 97.92%, which is around one percent higher than the national average of 96.5%.

The government has screened 38,192 people for the virus. There have been 73,50,644 samples checked in the state so far.

Per million people, samples checked stand at 1,97,491. Even, there are 571 reports awaited. Currently, the state has 4,458 open incidents.

Men between the ages of 31 and 40 correspond to 14.72 percent of the total incidents, according to the State Bulletin.

Women between the ages of 21 and 30 years make up 9.02 per cent of the overall incidents. Comorbidity-related deaths increased to 55.04 percent. 44.96% of victims did not have co-morbidities. (INN)

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