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Notification to fill teachers, police vacancies will be issued soon: CM
Notification to fill teachers, police vacancies will be issued soon: CM

Telangana stood first in several matters in last six years: CM

Hyderabad: Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao has conveyed his greetings to people in the State on the occasion of 2020 New Year.

The Chief Minister said within a short span of six years of formation of the State, Telangana State had stood first in the country in several matters and it is a moment of pride for everyone in the State.

The CM hoped that with the several victories in its kitty and taking inspiration from them, the Telangana State would further march forward in the New Year.

KCR gave a call to people to take pledge in the New Year to make the State a totally literate state. He wanted every educated person to practice each one-teach one slogan and educate the uneducated, literate the illiterate.

“The State which was formed six years ago had made rapid strides in all the sectors, marching towards progress and development and registered many a victories. On several matters, the State became a role model for other states in the country and won appreciation from many people.

The state won several international and national awards. It is a moment of pride for all us that in a short span of time, the Telangana State stood as the number one state in the country. As desired during the separate Telangana statehood movement, the State is progressing and developing in all the sectors.

The one and the foremost victories of the State is when the State, which was under darkness due to power crisis, becoming a power surplus State offering uninterrupted power supply 24 X 7 to all the sectors and free 24×7 power supply to the farm sector,” the Chief Minister said.

Further, he said that the State had reached a stage, when the maximum power demand went upto 11,703 MW, power was supplied without any power cuts. “The Telangana State in future in the power sector will register more developments and more progress.

The fruits of Mission Bhagiratha are reaching people. The Telangana State became the first state in the country, which has solved the drinking water problem once and for all. Other States are eager to implement Mission Bhagiratha type programmes in their respective states.

This is also a feather in our state’s cap! The state is registering wonders in the irrigation sector. We could complete the pending projects on the fast track and were able to supply water to 10 Lakh acres in Palamuru district. Works on the Kaleswaram project, considered as the engineering marvel in the world, which stunned the world over, are almost completed.

By the coming June we will get cent percent results of the Kaleswaram project. The State will become fertile. Famine will be eradicated permanently from the Telangana State’s soil. The Telangana State became number one as far as implementation of a host of welfare schemes. With several welfare schemes we could provide life security to the poor. We are marching ahead in IT and Industry sectors,” the CM said and expressed his happiness.

“It is a blot on the Telangana State that despite leading in several sectors in the country, the State is backward as far as literacy rate is concerned. This situation is due to the failure of the past rulers who have failed to educate and literate all the population.

The Telangana State should get over this. Let us all take pledge to make the State totally literate on the occasion of new-year. Every educated person should educate the uneducated. During the Telangana Statehood movement, the entire population waged an emotional battle to achieve the goal. We could complete the Comprehensive Family Survey in one day.

With the same spirit and inspiration, let us all make efforts to turn the State totally literate state with cent percent literacy. The government will soon start an action plan for the total literacy in the State. Everyone should become a stake holder in this and help remove the bad name the state had in the literacy levels there by making the Telangana State, a progressively inclined one,” the CM gave a call. (INN)

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