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TITA launches Digithon, Hackathon to up effort against Covid-19
TITA launches Digithon, Hackathon to up effort against Covid-19

TITA launches Digithon, Hackathon to up effort against Covid-19

Hyderabad: Continuing its efforts in the fight against Coronavirus, software professionals industry body Telangana Information Technology Association has decided to integrate various efforts happening.

The activities coincide with the birthday of TITA founder and global president Sundeep Kumar Makthala. People from villages, NRIs and those working from home, doctors, nutritionists, personality development personnel and other stakeholders have shared their views in taking the fight against the spread of pandemic.

Among others, TITA launched Digithon Covid-19 Online Clinic, through which it will offer medical assistance to people who are believed to be having symptoms of Covid-19 in rural areas. The people can get basic treatment and information about the pandemic to plan their treatment.

Under this, Swasha Hospitals CEO Dr Vishnu Veerappaneni, psychologist C Veerender, nutritionist V Prakash and others connected with the people online.

Among others, the team did a tele-consultation to Akhil, a student who is stuck in Italy, which is one of the severely hit nations . Since the medical facilities there are prioritized for the locals, he was looking for medical assistance.

Vishnu and team provided suggestions, including on the psychological and nutritional side, to Akhil on dealing with the pandemic. The team also got integrated with Nandu (Paris), Samiuddin (Kuwait), Vikas (Netherlands) and Vishwak (UK) to spread awareness about Covid-19.

Apart from reaching out to the techies abroad, TITA also reached out to the people in rural areas as well. For instance, the team integrated with Anand and his family belonging to Nandimalla Cross village of Amarchinta mandal of Makthal constituency.

Anand had earlier taken a key part in the Innovation Yatra that TITA had conducted here. People in the village can access the suggestions and standard operating procedures through Anand.

TITA president Makthala had also launched its Covid-19 Hackathon 2.0 on Sunday as an extension to the first edition held recently, which had evoked a good response. The event aims to engage local youth in the efforts to evolve solutions for coronavirus.

The hackathon encourages people to stay at home and work online to comply with the social distancing norms. The first leg of the hackathon has been lauded by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on his twitter handle.

Speaking on the occasion, he said that TITA wings organizing people-oriented events to coincide with his birthday was an honour to him. He said TITA was advocating work from home for the techies to ensure that the latter do not fall prey to the virus.

Apart from designing the Covid-19 hackathon, TITA had also designed Covid -19 Online Clinic. The online clinic aims to reach out to the NRIs, offer assistance, spread awareness and suggest nutrition for general well being. These efforts will go a long way in dealing with the spread of Coronavirus.

Makthala called for a concerted effort from Government, people, NGOs for fighting the virus. He thanked Klinikals CEO Raj and CMO Kenneth for partnering with TITA for the telemedicine initiative, TITA NRI Advisor Sai Baba Talluri, TITA Vice President Rana Pratap Bojjam and members Sowmya, Shankar and others for their support to various initiatives. (INN)

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