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Sundeep Kumar Makthala
Sundeep Kumar Makthala

TITA provides set of guidelines to tackle layoff crisis in IT industry

Hyderabad: Rational and realistic approach by all the stakeholders has a potential to contain the ill effects of layoffs and cost cutting measures by the IT industry globally. Telangana Information Technology Association (TITA) has submitted its piece of advice for the State government, employers and employees in order to find out a win-win solution for all the stakeholders.

A high level delegation from TITA attended a meeting convened by Department of Labour officials on Thursday. It was attended by senior officials of labour department, Ministry of IT,E&C, and Industry heads.

TITA Founder & Global President Sundeep Kumar Makthala said that the situation for employees was indeed distressful but this phase could be dealt with if proper measures are taken. While industry must have a rational approach towards cost cutting and laying off employees,

the state government or labour department must ensure that ousted employees are accommodated in the state run IT programs, said Makthala.

He said that the IT industry is facing a distressful situation across the globe and it has impacted the local IT business in Telangana too. He advised the employees to hone their skills and up-grade to suit the current needs of the industry on the other hand.

“IT industry needs regular and constant up-gradation of its products, services and skilled labour hence employees also need to show that tendency to adapt the new methods and technology updates,” Makthala added. (INN)

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