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TITA shows gratitude to 1969 agitators
TITA shows gratitude to 1969 agitators

TITA shows gratitude to 1969 agitators

Hyderabad: Several leaders have lauded the efforts of Telangana Information Technology Association’s efforts to recognize the agitators of the 9169 movement. Jayashankar Telangana Research and Development Centre (JTRDC) along with TITA have celebrated the Golden Jubilee Celebrations on Thursday.

To commemorate April 4, the crucial day of the 1959 Telangana movement, TITA organized a special programme at Secunderabad Clock Towers.

Former Home Minister Nayani Narasimha Reddy, TSPC Member C Vittal, Senior Journalist Pasham Yadagiri took part in the event along with several techies. Secunderabad Parliament MP Candidate Saikiran also attended the event.

The 1969 movement called for a separate Telangana State. Those agitators who fought the cause were suppressed. Despite that the movement didn’t stop. Finally, the Statehood has been achieved. Firing took place on April 4, 1969 at the Secunderabad Clock Tower to suppress the movement.

And that’s why TITA chose the day today to commemorate the day. TITA and JTRDC have decided to commemorate the 1969 movement throughout 2019, as it completes 50 years. As a part of the programme ‘Anna Daanam’ and Candle Rally has been conducted.

Led by Suresh Babu Makthala, who actively took part in the movement, key people who contributed to the movement had been recognized every year April 4. PJ Suri, Shivayya and Omkaram are cherished this day. The efforts of TITA and JTRDC had been lauded by everyone who attended the event.

The role of TITA in ensuring the growth of IT industry has also been recognized both before and after achieving the Statehood.

TITA Global President Sundeep Lumar Makthala said that on March 9, celebrations began at Reddy Hostel. Everyone cherished the momentous occasion. TITA will celebrate the entire 2019 to commemorate the completion of 50 years.

TITA State Secretary Sreelatha Chintala, official representative Venkat Vanam, Yadadri District Secretary Ganpa Upender, TITA members Sravan, Pradeep, Vaman and other techies took part in the programme.

The programme coordinator Srinivas Pasupuleti, 1969 agitators M Prakash, R Rajeshwar Rao, P Ramesh, N Nandiah, T Shiva Kumar, A Ravinder, A Aravind, Harikishan, BP Rajesh, Ch Prakash Rao, C Jagadish, U Ramesh, J Spporna, M A Muneer, Anjaneyu, Mechandranath, D Moorthita took part in the event. (INN)

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