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TITA World IT Summit to be held in Singapore in March

Hyderabad: TITA Singapore chapter committee that has been recently nominated had begun its first initiative.

The chapter President Santosh Kala while assuming his responsibility had proposed to support the students of Telangana to provide them access to employment opportunities in Singapore, has taken initiatives in that direction.

TITA Singapore team has visited Nirmal, the State’s first digital literacy village. The team besides studying the way the village has achieved this distinction, has visited IIIT.

They discussed on the implantation of a ‘Students Exchange’ programme that will benefit the students. The team also discussed with the IIIT management on the upcoming TITA Singapore IT Summit.

Under the leadership of TITA President, Sundeep Kumar Makthala, Nirmal village in Basara had been adopted and 100 per cent digital literacy has been attained. The village became an inspiration to many other villages in the State to make efforts towards digital literacy.

Makthala had appealed to the NRIs to adopt villages in Telangana and spread digital literacy. In this direction, TITA Singapore chapter President Santosh Kala began initiatives to achieve that.

Santosh Kala did a detailed analysis of hoe Basara took the lead in digital literacy. Steps are being taken to take the village as the top model for the rest of the State. He also met up with IIIT Dean Sainath, Innovation In-charge Rakesh Reddy.

They discussed on the ‘Students Exchange’ programme. Santosh Kala shared with them the job opportunities in IT in Singapore and about the industry. He also explained how Singapore technology can benefit the students on Telangana and IIIT. His team also suggested on the roll out of an online lecture platform for the students.

Santosh Kala visited Innovation and Incubation Centre. He expressed that the investors on Singapore are keen to support innovation at the centre.

He also mentioned that TITA Singapore chapter is organising ‘TITA World IT Summit’ in March 2019 and this will enable attracting fresh investments into Telangana. The summit will also open up new job avenues for the IT professionals in the State.

TITA Global President Sundeep Kumar Makthala appreciated the efforts of Santosh Kala’s initiatives in such a short span of taking the responsibility of the Singapore chapter, towards achieving and promoting digital literacy in the villages of Telangana and taking measures to attract investments. He lauded the efforts to boost youth in the State.

Makthala added that under the leadership of Santosh Kala in Singapore, the NRIs are taking initiatives that will help the State.

Students of IIIT Basara and IT professionals working in Telangana will be benefited by the chapter’s initiatives. More villages in Telangana will turn digitally literate in future.

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