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Metro train
Metro train

Top officials inspect police barracks works

Hyderabad: City Police Commissioner M. Mahender Reddy and HMRL MD N.V.S. Reddy inspected the progress of police barracks works being done by Hyderabad Metro Rail Ltd on Friday.

HMRL is constructing four police barracks at Goshamahal (Shah Inayat Gunj), City College, Chelapura and Rasoolpura at a cost of about Rs. 25.50 crores in lieu of 2 acres of police quarters land at Rasoolpura and five other police properties in different parts of the city taken for Metro Rail stations and other works.

They inspected Goshamahal, City College and Chelapura police barrack works today.

Construction of police barracks at Goshamahal (Shah Inayat Gunj) is complete and is ready to be handed over to the police department.

The barracks works at City College, Chelapura and Rasoolpura are in advanced stage of construction and will be ready for occupation in the next few months, stated NVS Reddy.

Appreciating the finish and high quality of construction of these barracks by HMRL, Mahender Reddy indicated that these facilities would be very useful for realising the vision of Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao to make Hyderabad a safe city.

Each of these barracks admeasuring on an average of about 50,000 sft will accommodate about 250 police personnel each. The Commissioner of Police has mentioned that central security forces and other rapid action teams which are brought to Hyderabad during law and order problems are finding it for their stay in Hyderabad and these police barracks are strategically located for housing them.

With training class rooms and senior officers’ accommodation at these barracks, these new facilities will also be used as ‘skill development and training centres’ for Telangana police, he added. (INN)

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