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TRS Govt committed to development of BCs: KCR
TRS Govt committed to development of BCs: KCR

TRS Govt committed to development of BCs: KCR

Hyderabad: Chief Minister K. Chandrashekhar Rao has made it clear that his government’s aim is to develop BCs, who constituted more than half of the population in the state, in all the fields.

He announced the government is committed to implement any action plan prepared by the public representatives from the BCs after due consultations in this regard for the upliftment of the communities. The government is ready to implement such a plan cent percent.

He said the government has already implementing several programmes for the development and welfare of the BCs. But some more measures are to be taken to improve the standard of living of the BCs. The CM wanted the public representatives to consult all the communities among the BCs and make recommendations to the government, which will be implemented.

He wanted the public representatives to suggest how BC Finance Commission and MBC Corporation should function and how to plan the self-employment schemes.

The Chief Minister said the government is ready to issue the necessary Orders, instructions, pass Acts in tune with the recommendations given by the BC public representatives. He said the government has no qualms to rectify any mistakes in the existing policies.

He said his aim is to ensure that the BCs have got the development and path for a better future under the new state, which was gained after a struggle. He said in the developed countries the policies would be permanent despite there is a change in the government and this is not happening in the country and that is the lacunae.

The CM wanted the policies, schemes, measures to be prepared should be done in such a manner that nobody would be able to change them in future.

KCR held a meeting with the BC MPs, MLAs, MLCs at the Committee Hall in the Legislative Assembly premises here on Sunday to discuss measures to be taken for the BC Welfare and Development. Legislative Council Chairman Swamy Goud, Assembly Speaker Madhusudhana Chary, Council Deputy Chairman Vidyasagar, Ministers Jogu Ramanna, Etela Rajender, Padma Rao, T Srinivas Yadav, Government Whips B Venkateshwarlu, Gampa Goverdhan, former union minister B Dattatreya, MPs K Keshav Rao, D Srinivas, Rapolu Anand Bhaskar, Boora Narasiah Goud, B B Patil, all party MLAS, MLCs, BC Welfare Principal Secretary Ashok, Principal Secretary Ramakrishna Rao, Assembly Secretary Narasimha Charyulu and others participated.

“We have achieved Telangana State with lofty ideals. All sections of people should be developed. Living standards of every section should be improved and no one should live with inferiority complex. Everyone should live with self-confidence and they should get all the opportunities.

Nobody should live under the dominance of others and everyone should be happy. Based on this a new path should be laid now and Telangana should tread on this road. A new path should be laid for the weaker sections now.

The public representatives should spend time for the BCs who constituted more than half of the population, undertake a deep study and prepare measures. There is no political interest in this and take everyone’s advice,” the Chief Minister said.

KCR said all party representatives should discuss this and give collective recommendations. “I will take the personal responsibility of implementing them,” he said.

“The government has already taken several measures for the welfare and development of the BCs and they yielding good results. Before the formation of the State there were only 19 residential schools for the BCs. We have formed newly 123 residential schools.

Through these schools, 91,520 students are getting high standard quality education. The government is ready to increase the strength of the residential schools. By imparting quality education to the children we will be ensuring their good future,” the CM said.

“We are implementing Kalyan Laxmi scheme for the BCs which helped the daughters from the poor families. With the introduction of reservations in the market committees 50 percent of the BCs have the chance of becoming the Committee Chairmen.

The pension scheme for the Beedi Workers has helped the people from the BC communities especially the Padmashalis. The other programmes of the government have also benefitted the BCs. We have formed MBC Finance Commission for the most backward BCs. Prepare schemes to offer financial assistance through MBC without any linkage to the Banks,” the CM said.

“All those depended on their hereditary profession are BCs except the Cobblers. They are suffering despite having the skills, as there is no assistance to their professions. Hence we have decided to help these professions. Under the united AP, Toddy Shops were closed down in Hyderabad leading to Toddy Tappers losing their earnings.

We have revived the Toddy Shops when the state is formed and this helped a great deal to the Tappers in the State. The government has also taken several measures to help the handloom weavers and workers who were in distress with some of them committed suicides.

Programmes are implemented for them at a cost of Rs 1200 Crore. We are modernizing the powerlooms cent percent and giving 50 percent subsidy on yarn and chemicals,” he said.

The Chief Minister said that the government is purchasing the handloom fabrics. “Establishment of a textile Park in Warangal is attracting reverse migration. We are expanding the Cloth industry under the slogan Cotton to Garment and all such measures will bring in a lot of change for good among the handloom sector.

We have launched distribution of sheep with 75 percent subsidy. In the four months of launching the schemes, 29.50 Lakh sheep were distributed. The distributed sheep have given birth to 10 Lakh baby sheep. So far sheep is distributed among 1.41 Lakh families and the target is to distribute sheep among 7.30 Lkah families.

The Shepard’s in Telangana State will become rich compared to other states and this will bring in a lot of change among the Golla Kuruma communities. We have started distribution of fishlings with 100 percent subsidy. We are launching schemes and programmes for the fishermen with Rs 5,000 Crore.

We will give the necessary help to the washermen. We will give financial assistance to the Nayi Brahmins to launch their hair dressing saloons. We will grant Rs 250 Crore to Viswa Brahmins as an assistance to their profession,” the CM said.

Feeling jealous of the residential schools: Rapolu

Rajya Sabha Member Rapolu Anand Bhaskar said the residential schools are functioning well. He said he had visited several residential schools including the Navodaya but the schools run by the Telangana government are the best. Other students are feeling jealous about the students studying in the Telangana State run schools.

MLA Laxman also said that the residential schools are running well. There is a need to increase their strength, Laxman said. (INN)

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