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MBT Spokesperson Amjed Ullah Khan
MBT Spokesperson Amjed Ullah Khan

TRS Govt’s love for minorities is fake: MBT

Hyderabad: The Majlis Bachao Tahreek (MBT) has strongly condemned the TRS Government for not implementing the promises that it made with the people and said that the TRS leaders, especially Deputy Chief Minister Mohammed Mahmood Ali was cheating the Muslim community by covering up the failures of Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao.

In a media statement, MBT Spokesperson Amjed Ullah Khan said that the TRS Government was not serious on the welfare of minorities. Listing out various promises made by the TRS, he said that not a single promise made by the Chief Minister Sri K Chandrasekhar Rao has been fulfilled.

He said 12% Muslim reservation has remained a mirage. Instead of following the set norms and procedures, the TRS Government took a lengthy road only to delay the 12% Muslim quota.

The government should have established a BC Commission with a clear ‘Terms of Reference’ of increasing the quota for Muslims in jobs and education from present 4% to 12%.

However, the Chief Minister wasted more than two years in the name of Sudhir Commission. He asked as to why Sudhir Commission report was not made public till now and why KCR was silent on its findings and recommendations.

Further, he said that the recently constituted BC Commission by including members with objectionable backgrounds.

While one member had served as RSS worker, another has openly opposed the Muslim reservation in court. In this scenario, Amjed Ullah Khan said that the TRS Government could not expect a favourable report from the BC Commission.

He also pointed out the present Advocate General, Ramakrisha Reddy, had contested the case against Muslim reservation in both High Court and Supreme Court in the past.

Amjed Ullah Khan said that the TRS Government has also failed to constitute Wakf Board, Haj Committee, Urdu Academy or other Minority Institutions.

“No action has been taken against the encroachers of Wakf property and not a single inch of encroached land has been restored by the present government in last two years.

Deputy CM Mehmood Ali is only making hollow and tall claims on KCR being pro-Minorities. But in action, he is not serious about Muslim issues.

The MBT leader also condemned the TRS Government not for declaring Urdu as official language in all 31 districts of Telangana State. He said that the government initiated and completed the process of formation of new districts in haste. But it did not consider granting second official language status to Urdu in the new districts till now.

Amjed Ullah Khan also ridiculed the claims of TRS Government that it was spending over Rs. 1,000 Crore on minorities’ welfare.

He asked the Deputy CM Mehmood Ali to understand the difference between allocation and actual spending. He pointed out that of Rs. 1050 Crore allocated in 2014-15, only Rs. 396 Crore were spent. Similarly, the allocation was increased to Rs. 1100 Crore in 2015-16. Of this, only Rs. 606.29 Crore were actually released.

Likewise, of Rs. 1200 Crore allocated in current year’s budget (2016-17), only Rs. 490 Crore have been released. It includes Rs. 300.49 Crore released towards old dues of Pre-Matric Scholarships for minority students.

He also asked the Deputy CM Mehmood Ali not to cheat the Muslims by giving a wrong impression that TRS Govt was spending over Rs. 1000 Crore.

The MBT leader alleged that both TRS and MIM were cheating the Muslims by highlighting wrong statistics and information.

He said that killing of five Muslim undertrials youth in a “fake encounter” at Alair by Telangana Police would remain a blot on the face of TRS Government.

Khan also challenged Dy CM Mehmood Ali and TRS Minority leaders to come for an open discussion in a public meeting or on a TV Channel on issues raised by him. (INN)

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