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TS Govt to act tough against erring kerosene dealers
TS Govt to act tough against erring kerosene dealers

TS Govt to act tough against erring kerosene dealers

Hyderabad: Commissioner for Civil Supplies C.V. Anand issued orders to civil supplies officials to book criminal cases against the wholesale kerosene dealers who have not cleared arrears till now and are absconding.

The Commissioner ordered to book criminal cases against Afsan, Limra Agency, Hyderabad Service Station, Vishal Enterprises, Bhadraiah Sons, Sri Anantula Traders, Rajaiah & Sons, Lakshmaiah & Sons, Beena Traders and Tarnaka Agencies for misguiding officials by giving false details and behaving indecently with them.

He also expressed fury over the dealers who went to the court and filed petition presenting false details. He said these cases will not make any sense, as he seen lot of cases like these which are not new to him. He also warned them he will not entertain these types of dramas.

Officials are not having details of kerosene backlogs from 2013 of as the district officials have not maintained the books regularly. As per the requisitions Commissioner focused on the kerosene backlogs to the government from the dealers. As per his orders officials made reconciliation from 2013.

In Hyderabad and Undivided Ranga Reddy districts 66 kerosene dealers are to clear Rs. 10.12 crores to Civil Supplies Department. From Hyderabad 43 dealers have to pay Rs. 7.35 crores and from Ranga Reddy dist. 23 dealers to pay Rs. 2.77 crores.

Hyderabad, Ranga Reddy officials discussed with dealers on few occasions to clear these backlogs and also issued notice two times. But in Hyderabad only upto Rs. 58 lakhs have been recovered, no big reaction was noticed in the dealers.

In few cases some dealers even misled the officials on misbehaved with them. They even went to court with these false details. On this whole episode Commissioner C.V. Anand took very serious note and held a counseling meeting with the default kerosene dealers.

Speaking to dealers, the Commissioner said, “Every year officials should be auditing which they failed and so they have not asked you to clear the backlogs, you have not cleared them. Now this will not continue. Government should get backlog from you upto Rs. 10.12 crores.

CRO, DCSOs have made several requests to you. But no reaction from your side and on other hand you went to court that you have cleared the arrears. Why you people will not clear the backlogs? You have accumulated these many years. You cannot runaway without paying to the government,” he said.

The Commissioner said the dealers were paid commission from 2013 by taking this issue to government’s notice. “From 2015 April we implied transport charges, we settled the difference amount to those who do not have underground tanks, issued GO’s on settling the problems of toll charges.

Even then you don’t have any honesty and gratitude towards us and you went to court against us. Is it not your responsibility to pay the backlogs to the government? You want get clear your arrears but you won’t clear the backlogs to government.

How can there be dual policy? Some dealers have not attended this meeting. How far they can run? We will catch them even if they cross borders,” he said.

As per request of the dealers, the Commissioner agreed to let them pay every month. Dealers who have to pay Rs. 5 lakhs will pay in two months equally, Rs. 10 lakhs from November to next year February they will pay equally, for Rs. 20 lakhs will pay in eight months, and who are having arrears more than Rs. 20 lakhs will pay in 12 months time from this November to 2018 October.

Dealers will clear these backlogs and also clear the arrears to government for Kerosene fund before 10th of every month. (INN)

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