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Mineral & Fossil Exhibition - Osmania 6
Mineral & Fossil Exhibition - Osmania 6

TSCOST Organizes Exhibition on Minerals & Fossils at OU

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An exhibition on minerals and fossils is being organized by Telangana State Council of Science & Technology (TSCOST), in association with Earth Science Departments of University College of Science, Osmania University, Hyderabad.

Famous Mineralogist of Matrix India Minerals (Pune), Mr. Muhammad Fasihuddin Makki inaugurated the exhibition at Prof. MLN Reddy Memorial Hall on November 24, 2015. The exhibition will remain open for the public till November 28 between the timings 11.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Makki, who also collaborated for the exhibition, said that the TSCOST has coordinated successfully for organizing this exhibition in Hyderabad.

He informed that he has been collecting the exhibits from different parts of the Globe for the past 50 years and developed a passion for motivating the students towards earth sciences.

TSCOST member secretary Er. Y. Nagesh Kumar said that TSCOST has a mandate to communicate and popularize science among a wide spectrum of public, with specific focus on students and youth, aiming at developing scientific temper and attitude.

He hoped that the exhibition would draw the attention of public from all walks of life and requested the Schools, Colleges, Universities in and around Hyderabad to take advantage of this special event.

Speaking on the occasion as a Chief Guest, Principal Scientist from National Geophysical Research Institute (NGRI) Dr. P.V. Sunder Raju suggested the students to observe the exhibits and learn the scientific contents thoroughly attached to each one of them.

Salient Features of the Exhibition:

  • This Exhibition is first-of-its-kind in the State.
  • The main Emphasis and thrust of this program is to spread knowledge about Earth Science and Natural History .
  • The exhibits proposed for display are of Global Standards and have the potential to generate curiosity and inquisitiveness among students, research scholars as well as general public on Earth Sciences.
  • Around 100 items shall be displayed.
  • These exhibits are a rare collection of Mr. Muhammad Fasihuddin Makki well known in the Geology and Mineralogy circles of India and also many foreign countries. Mr. Makki is active in the field of collecting Mineral and Fossil Specimens for the past 50 years. Mr. Makki regularly arranges such educational Exhibitions for the spread of the knowledge of Earth Science and Natural History.

The Exhibits:

Some of the most Exotic and rare minerals and fossils are as under:

  • An Amethyst of deep purple Colour and large crystals , from Brazil . It weighs 105 Kgs.
  • A Golden Colour Pyrite from Peru having beautiful crystals weighing 110 Kgs.
  • Large natural Cavities of various Zeolites such as Stilbites.
  • Also Apophyllite cavity and Slabs weighing about 200 Kgs each .
  • A rare Iron Meteorite from Russia 8 Kgs .
  • Dinosaur Eggs from China, Dinosaur Teeth and Bones .
  • Other Animal , plant and Fish Fossils.
  • Dinosaur Jaw bone Fossils .
  • Mammoth hair and piece of mammoth Tusk .
  • Ammonites and Trilobites.
  • Colourful ,Crystalline and Rare minerals from many different parts of the world such as India,China, Africa, USA and South America.
  • There will also be on display precious and semiprecious Gemstones like Ruby , Sapphire, Lapislazuli, Opal and various other colourful polishes stones.
  • As an added attraction there will be a large number of Exotic Colourful Butterflies .  (Legally procured and not endangered species) . These are mounted in Glass Frames .
  • Also fearsome deadly Tarantula Spider in Glass Frame. Starfish and Sea Crab.
  • A unique feature of this Minerals and Fossils Exhibition – In all Museums and Exhibitions it is prominently written “PLEASE DON’T TOUCH ” at many places . But at this Exhibition which is also TOURING MUSEUM, the visitors and the students are encouraged to touch the exhibits, hold and feel the exhibits. The students are amazed and enthralled to hold a Dinosaur tooth or bone or a Meteorite in their hands and also to touch and feel many of the Rare Exhibits. The students are encouraged to touch and handle the specimens . Contrary to any concerns no exhibit is damaged or stolen .
  • There will be labels and descriptions on all exhibits and there will be many volunteers who will explain and guide the students and answer the questions.

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