Hyderabad: UTOO, the latest and the fastest growing player in the taxi hailing service market, is taking nothing to chance when it comes to offering safety to its passengers. Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai or any – the safety of passengers, especially of women, has garnered the limelight for all the wrong reasons.

Even the well-entrenched taxi service providers have come under strong criticism for leaving the safety of their passengers to the winds, by not having a proper mechanism in place to deter the drivers from committing offences against the passengers.

UTOO cabs, which has entered the cab services market in 2016, and now offering its services in Chennai, Hyderabad and Bengaluru, is taking on its competitors in safety aspects by putting in place a string of safety measures that can win confidence and trust of the passengers.

The Chennai-based urban commute services start-up hires only drivers who pass their strict screening process that eliminates those with suspicious background. Conducting background verification on the intended drivers is the first step in ensuring the security of the passengers.

While every other player in this space happens to conduct background verification, UTOO has gone a step forward and incorporated extra measures to promise safe rides for both drivers and passengers. Drivers are insisted on producing a Police Verification Certificate prior to joining UTOO.

The app-based taxi hailing company also makes it mandatory for its drivers to wear the seat belt when driving. “For our drivers, this is not just another instance of abiding by the law; wearing the seat belt ensures safety and also demonstrates their sincerity and discipline towards the passengers” says, Fazil Badrudeen, Brand Head, UTOO.

In terms of assuring security to its passengers, UTOO seems to leave no stone unturned. The extra safety measures include panic buttons and air bags. The panic buttons are strategically placed behind the driver’s seat in all the UTOO cabs.

This option comes in handy to passengers during night rides, and they can raise the alarm when they suspect any threat to their safety. More interestingly, every UTOO cab comes fitted with airbags.

“Seat belts and airbags make it possible to sustain collisions and can prove to be life-saving to both our customers and drivers”, says Fazil, adding that UTOO, however, has speed limits which the drivers are mandated to strictly adhere to.

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