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TPCC Spokesperson Dr. Sravan Dasoju
TPCC Spokesperson Dr. Sravan Dasoju

Utter lies by KCR in his meeting of drunkards: Sravan

Hyderabad: Describing the public meeting held by TRS as a gathering of drunkards, Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee (TPCC) Chief Spokesperson Dr. Sravan Dasoju said that the much hyped ‘Pragathi Nivedana Sabha’ has proved to be a super flop show by the ruling party.

Addressing a press conference at Gandhi Bhavan on Monday, Sravan said that as against the tall claims made by TRS of participation of 25 lakh people, not even 5 lakh people attended the meeting. For this ‘Much ado about nothing’ meeting, hundreds of crores were wasted besides misusing entire official machinery.

He said the main reason for the failure of meeting was Chief Minister K. Chandrashekhar Rao himself who has been cheating the people of Telangana for the last four-and-a-half years. He said common people did not participate in the meeting as they knew that except making fake promises and tall claims, KCR would do nothing else.

Sravan showed some video clips which went viral on social media of TRS workers and other participants consuming alcohol while coming to the meeting venue.

He said even some women and elderly persons got drunk before the meeting began. He said the event proved to be a picnic for TRS workers. However, he said the acts of TRS workers brought huge shame for entire Telangana State.

Referring to the video clip of KCR reaching the venue in helicopter, Sravan said that the signs of disappointment and fear of defeat emerged on KCR’s face after he looked at the crowd.

The same signs were visible when he addressed the meeting. He said KCR’s wanted to enact a new drama in the name of development of Telangana to cheat people for the second time. However, he said that KCR’s drama failed even before it started.

Sravan ridiculed KCR’s comments wherein he asked people to choose between self-rule and slavery of those sitting in Delhi. He KCR himself was the biggest slave of Prime Minister Narender Modi.

“KCR’s remote is in the hands of PM Modi. KCR wanted to hold early polls for Assembly. But he apparently dropped his plan after Modi directed him against it,” he said.

He said none of the promises made to the Backward Classes have been fulfilled. Citing an example, he said KCR has lied about power subsidy being given to Nayee Brahmins. He said the GO MS No.1, dated 06-11-2016, which provides for charging domestic tariff for barber’s saloons has remained unimplemented.

Challenging KCR to prove that the GO was under-implementation, he offered to shave half his head if proved wrong.

The Congress leader said that the TRS Government did not fulfil any promises bringing huge disappointment to all sections of the society. “KCR disregarded Prof. Jaishankar in his speech that Prof Jayashankar used to take dictation from KCR.

KCR should apologise for what he did with the late Telangana ideologue. Similarly, KCR insulted several leaders who actively participated in the movement.

Sravan disputed the claims made by the Chief Minister that migration of labourers from Mahabubnagar had stopped after TRS came to power. He said thousands of poor farmers were still migrating to Mumbai and other cities in search of livelihood due to lack of support from the State Government.

Similarly, he said that the TRS Government has failed to come up with a new NRI policy to help the workers living in Gulf and other countries. He said the promise of Rs. 1,000 crore for NRI welfare remained unfulfilled.

Speaking about Telangana becoming energy surplus State, Sravan said that the TRS Government has played no role in achieveing this status.

He said not a single unit of power has been generated by the units which were launched under TRS regime. He said Telangana became power surplus State due to projects started during previous Congress regime.

He also accused the Chief Minister of misleading the minorities by making tall claims of allocating Rs. 2,000 crore for their welfare. He said KCR should have also spoken about the actual spending.

Giving year-wise figures of allocations and spending on minorities welfare during the last four years, he said more than 50% of the funds have remained unspent. Of Rs. 1052 crore allocated in 2014-15, only Rs. 326 crore were spent. Similarly, of Rs. 1113 crore in 2015-16, only Rs. 556 crore were spend.

In 2016-17, only Rs. 859 crore out of Rs. 1,343 crore were spent. In 2017-18, the overall spending was just Rs. 916 crore out of Rs. 1,549 core. Therefore, out of Rs. 4,750 crore, which were allocated in the last four years, only Rs. 2,658 crore or nearly 45% were spent.

The TRS Government has also failed to give judicial powers to Wakf Board. Muslims of Telangana should be cautious with KCR as he has openly cheated them in the name of giving 12% reservation.

Sravan also ridiculed the Chief Minister’s claim on revenues from sand mining by ending corruption and irregularities. In total violation of Supreme Court orders, he said indiscriminate mining was done while posing huge threat to the environment.

While the State Government earned revenues of Rs. 1,980 crore, KCR family allegedly earned Rs. 10-20,000 crore by facilitating illegal sand mafia. Similarly, he said KCR’s claims on Mission Bhagiratha were also factually incorrect. He said KCR has mentioned that more than 22,000 villages have already received tap water and another 13,000 villages would get water in the next few months.

He pointed out that there were just 10,000 villages in Telangana. Therefore, KCR’s figures were not only incorrect, but completely misleading.

The Congress leader has accused the Chief Minister of trying to convert Telangana State into “Kalvakuntla Estate”. He also said the new zonal system was against the interest of people of Telangana.

As per the new system, people who reside in Hyderabad for four years would get the status of locals. Therefore, he said the new system would badly hurt the interest of Telangana people.

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