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SIO Hyderabad President Rizwan speaking at Anti-Exteremism Campaign
SIO Hyderabad President Rizwan speaking at Anti-Exteremism Campaign

West Exploits Sectarian Divide in Muslim World to Fuel Terrorism, says KK Suhail

Denouncing ISIS and its Khilafat as “propaganda”, former national president of Students Islamic Organisation (SIO) K.K. Suhail said sectarian divides in the Muslim world was exploited by the West to fuel terrorism.

Addressing a gathering of professional on ‘Atrocities of ISIS – Menace to the World’, Suhail quoted several Western researches on ISIS and the terror phenomenon in the world to substantiate his claim.

He noted that establishment of ISIS caused more migrations and refugee crisis than the pre-ISIS times. While calling ISIS as “enemy of Islam”, Suhail urged youth not get influenced by “false propaganda”.

The program, jointly organized by Jamaat-e-Islami Hind (JIH) Hyderabad and SIO Hyderabad at Khaja Mansion Function Hall in Banjara Hills yesterday, was part of Anti-Extremism campaign by JIH Hyderabad.

JIH Telangana Media Secretary, Dr. MKM Zafar highlighted economic disparities, lack of democracy, freedom of speech and fundamental rights as reason that have led to extremist movements in the Muslim world.

In addition, he said lack of rational thinking, Western colonialism, occupation of Muslim lands, atrocities against revivalist movements, unresolved political disputes involving Muslims, and West promoted Jihadi culture pave way for extremism.

Dr Zafar also said that steps must be taken to make students and youth aware of true teachings of Islam and its enlightened interpretation.

Anti Extremism Campain - JIH & SIO Hyderabad
Anti Extremism Campaign – JIH & SIO Hyderabad

Talking about professionals and their social responsibilities, SIO Hyderabad President Rizwanul Haq asked them to come out of their “self-centered” world to engage with the society.

He said that technological advancement of modern age is not reaching to the under privileged class. He urged professionals to utilize their skills and talents for the benefits of downtrodden citizens.

JIH Hyderabad City President Rashaduddin urged Muslims not to be exploited by the wrong ideologies in the name of religion.

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