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Book Launch in Hyderabad - How BJP Wins
Book Launch in Hyderabad - How BJP Wins

Will young voters disappoint Modi-Shah in 2019?

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has already begun its exercise for General Elections 2019, in a move to stay ahead of its rivals and woo as much factions of voters possible.

Among India’s potential voters for the next elections, youth stand out with a share of about 60 percent of the total voters in the country.

What does it mean? Any party that intends to win election must have a sub plan to take young voters into confidence and win their hearts.

In 2014 elections, substantial number of young votes went directly into the BJP’s basket partly due to larger-than-life promises of then prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi.

However, times have apparently changed. Young voters, who are bread-winners for their families, are finding themselves under financial distress due to the fact that both unemployment and inflation continued to increase in last three years of the BJP rule.

Will the youth feeling the heat of demonetization and rising prices of commodities disappoint Modi-Shah in the upcoming elections?

The answer is affirmative from senior journalist Prashant Jha, who argued that if BJP fails to control rising unemployment and doesn’t rescue distressed industries then young voters may change their choice.

Speaking during the Hyderabad launch of his book ‘How the BJP Wins’, Jha opined that the Gujarat elections wouldn’t be a cake walk for these invincible duo.

He said that the BJP faces vulnerability at Gujarat, which clearly appears an open election. The possibility of a winner could only be predicted close to the time of election, Jha clarified during the conversation with novelist Sriram Karri at Somajiguda Press Club.

The book launch event was hosted by Hyd Park on Friday evening, in collaboration with Hyderabad Press Club.

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