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Workshop on ‘Story Telling’ throws light on art of narration
Workshop on ‘Story Telling’ throws light on art of narration

Workshop on ‘Story Telling’ throws light on art of narration

Hyderabad: India has always been a country of storytelling and the art of narrating stories is an age old practice here, says Deepa Kiran who conducted a workshop on ‘Story telling’ at the 20th Golden Elephant International Children Film Festival ICFFI) 2017.

Deepa Kiran made use of musical instruments to share stories with the children who came from Hyderbad and other places in Telangana state to attend the festival and learn the nuances of film making.

According to her, stories are universal and similar. Stories told in one part of India have a version elsewhere. The stories have a language of their own and while communicating them to others, there are no barriers. For example, if a story teller uses a few Telugu words in his story, he or she can easily and immediately connect the audience with the story.

ICFFI has organised separate workshops for children in Film Making, Story Telling and Animation in order to make children understand the importance of a powerful story. If the story is strong, the film based on it would also be powerful, Deepa Kiran told children attending the workshop.

According to Deepa, the narration of a story should be simple and gripping so that the audience does not lose interest. India has a rich culture and so stories narrated here can be very strong while in many countries abroad, there is dearth of stories and film makers are always looking out for interesting stories.

“We have learnt at this workshop how to narrate stories and would definitely in future participate in writing plays or dramas or film scripts. We were not aware that story writing is so easy and interesting and are very impressed at the way we were taught at this workshop,” said 12-year-old Karuna, a student who attended the workshop,

The students who attended the workshop were dressed in dark blue T-shirts given by Children’s Film Society of India (CFSI) which has organised ICFFI along with the state of Telangana. (INN)

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