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Dr. Dasoju Sravan
Dr. Dasoju Sravan

World Telugu Conference only aimed at boosting KCR’s image: Congress

Hyderabad: Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee (TPCC) Chief Spokesperson Dr. Dasoju Sravan has alleged that the TRS Government was wasting over Rs. 50 crore of public money to boost the image of Chief Minister K. Chandrashekhar Rao in the name of World Telugu Conference.

Addressing a press conference at Gandhi Bhavan on Tuesday, Sravan questioned KCR’s change of stand towards ‘Telugu Tali’. He reminded that during Telangana statehood movement, KCR had ridiculed “Telugu Talli” and even proposed demolition of its statues in Telangana.

KCR openly insulted Telugu Talli on multiple occasions and had claimed there Telugu Talli had nothing to do with Telangana.

He had asked why ‘Telugu Talli’ was not getting tears in her eyes when no water was being released to Telangana from Nagarjuna Sagar’s left canal and why Telugu Talli was silent over suicide of 3,000 people for statehood cause.

Further, KCR had even compared vegetables from both the regions and had claimed that they were different. He asked KCR to clarify whether the conference being organised in the city was ‘Gongura Sabha’ or ‘Puntikura Sabha’. He said KCR should explain as to what made him change his views on ‘Telugu Talli’.

He pointed out that the same TRS leaders had objected to conduct of World Telugu Conference in 2012 and today they fell in love with ‘Telugu Talli’. Is it not the hypocrisy of KCR? he asked

Sravan asked what would be the sung in the event. Will it be “Ma Telugu Talli Ki Mallepu Danda” or “Jaye Jaya He Telangana”, he asked.

The Congress leaders said World Telugu Conference had nothing to do with the promotion of Telugu language, but the TRS Government was preparing another platform to organise an event. He said entire administration has come to a grinding halt and entire government staff was focussed on event management.

He said after KCR took over as Chief Minister, over 4,000 farmers committed suicide while several jobless youth ended their lives. Even those who actively participated in the statehood movement did not get any benefit from the new State.

In this scenario, holding an event in the name of Telugu was highly condemnable. He said even ‘Telugu Talli’ would be pained at the conditions prevailing in Telangana State.

He also condemned TRS Government for not making a mention of Congress president Sonia Gandhi’s name in the event who granted Telangana State.

Sravan strongly criticised KCR for ignoring eminent poets and writers of Telangana who played a key role in statehood movement. He pointed out that poets and writers including Gadar, Vimallakka, Jaya Bheem, Tirumal Rao, Goreti Venkanna, Andeshri and others were not even invited for the event.

He said some poets living in US and Australia were sent invitations in a silver plate. But those, whose poems and writes-up brought Telangana, were completely neglected. He pointed out Andeshri’s song ‘Jaye Jaye He Telangana’, which was supposed to have been considered as the Telangana State song, was ignored after he refused to praise KCR in public meetings.

He said that the World Telugu Conference would be incomplete without honouring people like Gadar, Vimalakka, Andeshri and others. He demanded that at least now the State Government should honour Andeshri and declare ‘Jaye Jaye He Telangana’ as the State’s official song.

He said it was ridiculous that people like Nandi Sudha Reddy, Ramana Chary and Kavitha were part of the organising committee, while genuine poets and writers of Telangana have been distanced from the event.

The Congress leader alleged that KCR was not serious about promotion of Telugu language. He said even the GOs of State Government were not being published in Telugu language.

Further, no funds have been released for Telugu University or Telugu Academy. He said that entire event was aimed at boosting the personal image of KCR for political reasons.

Reacting to the allegations of Irrigation Minister T. Harish Rao wherein he called Congress leaders power hungry, Sravan said TRS would not have existed if Congress would have displayed any thirst of power. He said that the Congress would have granted Telangana only after merging TRS with the party.

However, Congress was totally honest in its approach and it gave statehood to Telangana without expecting any political gains. He said it was TRS which is power hungry and for the same reason it ‘purchased’ legislators from TDP, Congress, BSP, YSRCP and CPI. (INN)

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