Rachakonda Police Commissionerate launches She Shuttle

Hyderabad: Following the success of the Cyberabad model, where more than 32,000 users utilize the shuttle services in any given month, the Rachakonda Police Commissionerate also introduced She Shuttle services on Wednesday to cater to women passengers of the IT Sector to encourage safe mobility and for the last mile connectivity within the commissionerate limits.

.A unique initiative and one of its kind in the country, this smart transport system operates in loops using GPS and mobile technology and managed through a real time app on smart phones of users.

Tracking of the proximity of the shuttle is monitored by logging into the app and helps the user to decide when to wrap up her office work and reach the bus stop at the last minute to catch the shuttle thereby saving precious minutes of work time.

In Cyberabad, during lean hours and after 9 pm, minimum number of passengers sometimes even below 10 users per shuttle utilize the shuttle. But keeping the “objective of safety and security” the shuttles still ferry to cater to those few users, from a non-commercial point of view.

There is a capacity constraint during the peak times as the shuttle frequency cannot be increased due to the pre determined schedule and only one shuttle in any given route. SCSC proposes to continue with the same objectives in Rachakonda as well empowering women in the IT Corridor.

Hyderabad Commissioner of Police Mahender Reddy, who was the Chief Guest of the inaugural, felt the need for more such initiatives for women in particular and the safety of the zone in general.

He indicated that the Telangana state has set women security as one of the key goals for the police department and it is being successfully being followed .He appreciated the efforts of SCSC in undertaking various activities on this front.

SCSC Chairman and Commissioner of Cyberabad Sandeep Shandilya expressed his heartfelt joy in being able to extend She Shuttle Services to more and more working women creating a secure environment and confidence in the working woman.

SCSC Secretary Bharani Kumar Aroll mentioned that, “SCSC is a not for profit organization and is operating these shuttles for free absorbing the cost burden and through sponsorship.

The She Shuttle has been extended to institutions for non-profit activities and Charity Purpose events related to women during the weekend when it is not in operation.”

He thanked the government and the IT industry for supporting all the initiatives of SCSC and assured that many such innovative programs will be implemented in the future.

Describing the She Shuttle inauguration as a momentous occasion for Rachakonda Commissionerate, Rachakonda Commissioner Mahesh Bhagwat urged IT and other companies located in the zone to come together and support the initiatives of SCSC.

He also requested that many SCSC programs be extended to the Rachakonda Commisionerate to cater the growing industry in this area. (INN)

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