Ashirvad Pipes of Aliaxis to invest Rs 500 Cr in Telangana

Hyderabad: Another major investment has made its way to Telangana from Davos. Ashirvad Pipes of Aliaxis will be setting up a Greenfield facility with an investment of Rs. 500 Crore in Telangana. This investment will create over 500 jobs for youngsters in our state. A Memorandum of Understanding was signed between Aliaxis and Govt. of Telangana in the presence of Minister KTR in Davos.

The firm will manufacture Storage & Distribution of Plastic Piles, Fittings & Accessories. The announcement came after Aliaxis CFO Mr. Koen Sticker met with Minister KTR on the sidelines of WEF in Davos.

Ashirvad Pipes is also in talks with the Govt of Telangana for setting up a Center of Excellence for Manufacturing in the State.Industries Dept. Principal Secretary Jayesh Ranjan was also present in the meeting. (INN)

Inspire through leadership

Leaders always keep their eye on infinite possibilities of every passing minute and inspire the world around them

Leadership development is all about capitalizing personal capacity or enhancing skill set to bring out the best version out of an individual. As India is a developing nation with diversified people and having maximum number of youth. It is highly essential to nourish its population who can behave very well in any challenging scenario.

Presence of a good leader or leaders in any nation is of vital importance for improving its overall quality of living. Leaders are the ones who have significant impact on people and processes around them. They are able to bring out maximum outcomes from them.

participants in a leadership workshop
Laeeq Ahmed Khan with participants in a leadership workshop

In today’s generation with exposure to technology and communication, it is highly difficult to define and influence the world unless they match themselves with changing trends in communities and societies. Therefore, many issues can be sorted out by continuous engagement into the process of leadership development.

Weather it is institution, organization or movement, the leaders bind and propel the team towards shared vision and common working goals. Leadership development is continuous and unending cycle of human characters. Marginal and oppressed people cannot be brought into mainstream society unless they are trained in the leadership development process.

Leadership also influences organizational process, culture and norms. Without addressing issues of organizational process or norms of society, it is difficult to have even the minimum coherence or inclusivity without which meeting goals of organization become difficult.

Ethics of leaders manifest the same core human values of integrity and compassion which are foundations to build positive and progressive minds. People with low self-esteem will reduce the objectivity of organization whereas people with high self-esteem will certainly produce high impact super leaders.

Leaders always keep their eye on infinite possibilities of every passing minute and inspire the world around them with the soon rising joy of success. They have the ability of converting fear into possibilities and joys.

Strive to keep yourself in dynamics of learning as every passing day will bring new outcomes which either gives you success or makes you to learn the new life chapter of how not to fail, choice is all yours.


Laeeq Ahmed Khan is public speaker and trainer with vast experience in working with educational, social and business organizations. He isbased in Hyderabad. Contact him at

Two-day training program on Startup and Entrepreneurship in Hyderabad

A two-day training program on startup and entrepreneurship development is being organized in Hyderabad from 3 to 4 August by MSME – Technology Development Centre (PPDC).

The program “How to Start Your Own Startup” is meant to develop and strengthen entrepreneurial quality, and help in selecting right project and products.

According to its organizers, the program participants would acquire necessary managerial skills required to run the industrial unit entrepreneurs and professionals to orient them in raising the finance for startups.

The training will be between 10:00 AM to 5:30 PM for two days at Hotel Comfotel, Beside Care Hospital, Hyderabad, Telangana.

Participants will be awarded certificate by PPDC upon completion of the training. The fee for the participation is Rs. 5500 + 18% GST.

For any query feel free to call us on 9953920681.

Arabian Mandi Conquers Hyderabad

It’s 12.00 am, Anshoor and friends were waiting after ordering their favorite ‘Mandi’ at a local restaurant in the Tolichowki area of Hyderabad.

He is a central university student from Kerala studying in the city of biryani. Anshoor, along with his friends often gather to enjoy local cuisine.

When asked about his hangout and cuisine, he said: “We gather almost every week to enjoy Mandi, a favorite of all of us.”

Mandi: The Arabian dish popular in Hyderabad

Though a foreigner, the Arabian Mandi vanquishes its rivals from the royal banquets in Hyderabad. It has become a routine dish in marriages to get-togethers of youngsters in the city.

The culinary techniques make Mandi unique and special. It is made inside a specially designed ditch. The Yemeni cuisine consummated with the deliverance of its desi soul is really a transcultural endeavor to the foodie buddies, craving for an international fusion in the city.

For, once in Barkas and Yerrakunta suburbs, one is greeted by exotic signage in Arabic on restaurants like Mataam Al Arabi, Al Saud Bait Al Mandi and Al Khaleej serving the Arabian delicacy.

And in last few years, the business has flourished.

Mandi Biryani?

Mandi is not Biryani and vis-à-vis although their origins are very nearly the same. Speculating on the way it is served in most of the restaurants, there is a distinct feature in Mandi served mostly in Hyderabad.

It is about the meat being steamed or fried. Typically you get the fried meat Mandi in Hyderabad especially with chicken Mandi.

However, this has nothing to do with the Yemeni style Mandi. We tend to beautify our dish and so is this story of fried meat in the Yemeni Mandi in Hyderabadi restaurants.

Making Mandi: A difficult task

Making Mandi innately is a labor of hours while eating is not. It consists of adding spices and meat on a level of water gets cooked and this half cooked meat is taken apart and the rice is allowed to be cooked in the stew that has the essence of the meat and spices.

Afterwards, the pot is kept inside the ditch, specially made for Mandi and the meat is kept above the closed lid of the pot covered with foil. The whole dish is covered under the earth surface using wet mud and allowed to steam and get cooked.

The smoky meat becomes tender as a result and rice with it gives a pleasing to the eye.

The Hyderabadized Mandi, however, plays a vital role in gratifying the demands of the Indian Mandi lovers.

Abdul Raheem Yamani, the proprietor of Real Arabian Dhaba, pegs the number of Mandi restaurants along the six-km stretch that connects Barkas to Shaheen Nagar along the Srisailam highway at approximately 35.

“This is the reason why the highway has a new moniker – Mandi Road,” he says.

You have to sit on the floor and Mandi will be served, retaining the heritage of the Arab way of dining. Almost all the Mandi restaurants serve the same way for its customers.

This makes a difference to people and delicacy of the cooked soup and the smoking tone of smell that smashes your nose will defeat you however powerful you are.

While diners converge at the Old City from all across Hyderabad, the dish is a hit with the IT crowd of Hi-Tech City. The uptown area of Jubilee Hills has one.

“There was a great demand for the dish in this part of the city which is why we started the restaurant around nine months ago. A majority of our customers are those working in Hitec City,” says Syed Waris Ali, proprietor of Mandi @ 36.

Making its conquest in Hyderabad might have been an easy task for Mandi as it accustoms the style of sitting together and eating from the same plate, which brings the blissful experience of sharing one another.

However we cannot say whether it is actually made in the way the Arabians made in the restaurants but in reality, we have fallen in love with it.

Union Budget 2019-20: Expectations for real estate sector

India: The real estate industry has been facing some rough weather given the tough demand environment, which got aggravated further with the recent NBFC crisis.

While the industry undertakes measures to revive demand, a much-needed impetus from the Union Budget will go a long way in helping turnaround the fortunes of the sector. Considering the current set of challenges, here are a series of recommendations that we believe will help the cause of real estate sector in general and housing demand
in particular.

‘Industry Status’ to real estate
Real estate is one of the major contributors to the economy supporting various ancillary industries and providing employment to millions directly and indirectly. Growth in real estate has a multiplier effect on the economy.

Despite such strong fundamentals the government does not recognise real estate as an industry.

It is time that real estate gets industry status. This will enable developers to raise funds at lower rates and reduce their cost of capital which would eventually have a bearing on overall project cost. The move would provide a fillip to the stress-stricken sector amid the reforms-driven new order.

GST on overall real estate: Abatement for land should be increased to 50% The single-tax regime in India ushered in additional cost pressure on real estate. Presently real estate falls under the 18% tax bracket of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) Act with 1/3rd abatement for land taking the effective tax rate to 12%.

However, in major metros, the share of land is more than 50% of the project cost. We therefore recommend that the government aligns this with market realities and accordingly increase the abatement for land to 50% thereby bringing down the effective tax rate to 9%.

GST on affordable housing: Abatement for land should be increased to 50% ‘Housing for all by 2022’ is one of the pet projects of the government and it wants to deliver 10 million houses under this program. Out of 10 million, 95% are to be constructed for Economically Weaker Sections (EWS) and Low-Income Groups (LIG).

As the affordability of this segment and the house value is low, the impact of the slightest upward cost pressure is magnified and becomes a deal breaker. The current GST rate of 12% coupled with 1/3rd abatement for land, making it an effective GST of 8%, is adding huge upwards pressure on the overall cost of house.

We recommend lowering of the GST rates for affordable housing projects to effective 6% by enhancing the abatement for land to 50%. This shall provide a boost to the cause of housing for all by 2022.

Deduction on the principal repayment of housing loans (Section 80 C) In the Indian context, the ownership of a house is a lifetime goal. At present, Section 80 C of the Income Tax Act does not give a singular focus on housing because of numerous competing investment alternatives.

To augment the house purchase decision and provide some fillip to real estate sales, it is suggested to carve out a separate annual deduction of Rs.1,50,000 for the principal repayment. Considering that in the later years of the home loan tenure, while the buyer is still paying a significant component of his income in the form of principal, he isn’t getting any tax benefit as the interest component in that period is insignificant.

To address this dilemma of the home buyer, a separate deduction of Rs. 150,000 for principal repayment will help the cause of his house purchase for the entire loan tenure that extends to as many as 20 years.

Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT)

Despite the regulatory approval being in place for quite some time, REITs, a potent instrument of change in the real estate industry, have been held back. REITs have the potential to enhance the supply of commercial real estate – an enabler for the employment ecosystem.

For unit holders, the long-term capital gains holding period for REIT units should be brought down from 3 years to 1 year (at par with equity investments). This shall make REITs more attractive for the investors.

TREDA Property show concludes

Hyderabad: Telangana Real Estate Developers Association (TREDA) has today successfully concluded the 9th TREDA Property Show at the HITEX exhibition centre. This year the TREDA Property Show has witnessed a tremendous response from the visitors and the participants.

Over 150 stalls have been put-up at the TREDA Property Show, comprising all leading Real Estate Developers, Builders, Housing Finance Companies, Material Manufacturers and Banks, showcasing their latest properties and services offered to prospective buyers.

Over 11 Banks & Financial Institutions & 15 Suppliers have displayed their range of properties/products and services suited to various classes of customers.

TREDA Property Show 2018 begins at HITEX

Hyderabad): “A property that suits the budget of every buyer” has been the principle mission of TREDA while setting the agenda for the 9th edition of the TREDA Property Show.

The most awaited three day Property Show “TREDA Property Show” has kick-started today at HITEX Exhibition Ground, Hyderabad and was inaugurated by Telangana Chief Secretary S K Joshi.

The TREDA Property Show is organized by the real estate community consisting of developers, builders and promoters and primarily addresses the needs of property buyers, corporate houses, investors, architects, consultants, developers, government organisations among others.

Over 145 stalls have been put-up at the TREDA Property Show, comprising all leading Real Estate Developers, Builders, Housing Finance Companies, Material Manufacturers and Banks, showcasing their latest properties and services offered to prospective buyers.

The Real Estate sector in Telangana has witnessed a steady development in the last few years. Telangana has been one of the most sought after investment destination for multinational and national level companies, thus giving the real estate sector the real boost to keep up with the pace and a sustainable growth trajectory.

Low cost of living, favourable climate, good quality of life and infrastructure developments clubbed with the proactive initiatives taken by Telangana Government have resulted in the overall growth of the region.

P Ravinder Rao, President – Telangana Real Estate Developers Association (TREDA) said, “Over the years, TREDA’s vision was to encourage growth of real estate sector by participating and suggesting the government on conducive policies, that would not only help the real estate community but also the buyers.

I sincerely thank the Telangana Government for undertaking great infrastructure initiatives and attractive investment policies that is taking the state towards next growth phase”.

“TREDA Property Show opens the doors for varied prospective buyers, to witness different kinds of properties ranging from plots to independent houses and gated community apartments to villas.

The 9th edition of the Property Show puts the buyers’ at the forefront and sets an objective to showcase properties that suits the budget of every buyer”. He further added.

The Sponsors for the 9th TREDA Property Show are as follows: Platinum Sponsor – Vasavi Group; Gold Sponsors – Aparna Constructions & Estates Pvt Ltd and My Home Group ; Silver Sponsors – Green Rich Estates LLP and Hallmark Builders and Hall Sponsors – Cybercity Builders & Developers Pvt Ltd and Ramky Estates & Farms Ltd.

Over 100 Real Estate Companies, 11 Banks & Financial Institutions & 15 Suppliers have displayed their range of properties/products and services suited to various classes of customers.

Well-known financial institutions like State Bank of India, India Bulls Housing Finance, HDFC Ltd, ICICI Bank Ltd, LIC Housing Finance Ltd, Axis Bank, Shriram Housing Finance Ltd, L&T Housing Finance Ltd, Gofin, Syndicate Bank and Andhra Bank have set-up their stalls, guiding and offering varied buying options to the visitors apart from giving clarifications on any financial query.

Kala Silk Handloom Expo begins at T.T.D @ Himayatnagar

Hyderabad: Kala Silk Handloom and Handicrafts, a 11-day Exhibition 2018, extravaganza formally Inaugurated by City Socialite & Silk Mark India Telugu States Brand Ambassador Yenugu Shailaja Reddy at T.T.D. kalyana Mandapam, Himayathnagar.

“Kala Silk Handloom Expo is an effort to bring to the fore the textile tradition of India, handcrafted in the contemporary style by fashionista using traditional weaves, prints and embroideries to present customers with an elegant collection“ said Oraganizer Vikas.

“Handloom and designer sarees, fabrics, salwar suits, khadi wear, Pochampally saris, cholis, accessories and Handicraft jewellery, paintings and home linen, Jute bags, Saharanpur Furniture, crafted by designers and artisans from all across the country”, he added.

The Exhibition will be till 4th November 2018.

Realtors asked to register with RERA by Nov 30

Hyderabad: Telangana State Real Estate Regulatory Authority (TS-RERA) Chairam Rajeshwar Tiwari has asked all the builders and developers to register themselves with the authority before November 30.

“As per Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016 and Telangana Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Rules, 2017 notified by Government of Telangana, all the Real Estate projects approved on or after 01.01.2017 plots having above 500 Sq. Mts area or more than 8 units have to be registered with the TS-RERA.

Rajeshwar Tiwari said as per the said Act, No promoter shall advertise, market, book, sell or offer for sale, or invite persons to purchase in any manner any plot, apartment or building, as the case may be, in any real estate project or part of it, in any planning area, without registering the real estate project with the Real Estate Regulatory Authority established under this Act.

Therefore, all the Builders / Developers who have taken permission for Real Estate Projects in between 01.01.2017 to 31.08.2018 for the above mentioned are requested to get their projects registered with TS RERA before November 30 through online in TS RERA website to avoid penalties from 01.12.2018.

Further to avoid congestion, start filling the information and upload the documents immediately and pay the fee accordingly, he said.

Anthem to set up operations in Hyderabad

Hyderabad: Anthem, the 2nd largest healthcare services provider globally with annual revenues of over US $ 90 Billion has chosen Telangana’s capital city Hyderabad to set up its operations.

Anthem, founded in the 1940s, is headquartered in Indianapolis, US. It had revenues to the tune of USD 90 Billion in 2017.

The company has announced a major presence in Hyderabad with 250,000 sft of SEZ space. The proposed facility will employ about 2,000 employees.

Reacting to this development, IT and Industries minister KT Rama Rao said, “I congratulate Anthem for choosing Hyderabad for setting up their operations.

Hyderabad, being a leader in Healthcare and IT sectors and home to several marquee companies, will continue attracting more global players in various sectors.”

It is worth mentioning here that United Healthcare Group (UHG), the largest company in the healthcare services sector, currently has the biggest Indian presence in Hyderabad. UHG has expanded significantly over the last four years consuming over 830,000 sft in the city.

On the Innovation front, T-Hub, having HealthTech as one of its seven thrust areas, is leading across other parts of the globe.

T-Hub recently partnered with Australian MedTech entrepreneurs for cross border growth with Govt of Victoria providing a grant of AUS $ 80K. T-hub also partnered with many global players to localize products for the Indian market.