GHMC gear up to deal with monsoon emergency situations

Hyderabad: The Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) has taken up various activities for monsoon preparedness and emergency plan to tackle the situations that might arise in the coming monsoon season.

The GHMC has conducted a survey to identify the dilapidated structures in all circles. Of 996 structures in the list, the corporation has already demolished 667 structures in the last three years.

The occupants/ owners of the dilapidated structures have been served notices to vacate and demolished the buildings. Else, they have been warned that the GHMC would initiate action for demolition in a special drive.

Special attention has been paid on old compound walls, retaining walls and instructions are issued to the concerned to initiate action.

The desiltation of all the open nalas, covered drains and small drains is taken up on annual basis throughout the year and Rs. 2662.10 lakhs sanctioned so far 2.4 lakhs cubic meter of silt has been removed from the drains till date which is 0.1 cubic meters more than the quality Desilting last year.

The emergency monsoon teams have been deployed in all the circle offices for tackling with water logging, inundation, problems of low lying areas in this monsoon.

The composition of monsoon team available is as follows: Instant repair teams – 79 for road repairs, Mini mobile monsoon emergency team with TATA ACE vehicle and labour – 120 nos., For carrying out dewatering of low lying areas 255 pump sets have been deployed this year as against 93 pump sets in 2017.

The Police Department identified 266 water logging points in 2017 and out of which 225 points belongs to GHMC and balance 41 points belongs to various other department like HMR, Grama Panchayath, HMWS&SB, National Highways, TSIIC etc., out of 225 points of GHMC 221 points have been attended and at balance 4 points works are in progress and it completed by next week.

The GHMC has already finalised procurement of 66 mini suction jetting machines for taking care of Desilting / cleaning of sewer lines in the 66 wards of GHMC in the erstwhile surroundings municipalities area where the GHMC is looking after, maintenance of sewerage system.

These machines will be in place in a maximum of two months time this will augment the existing heavy duty sewer cleaning machines which are already in place.

Total no .of properties affected 1252 (708+544) in 83(46 bottlenecks+37 other nala works) out of which 372 properties(165 in bottlenecks+ 207 in other nala works) were removed, Out of 46 bottleneck works:

1 work completed, 4 stretches will be fully completed by June end, 2 stretches will be completed substantially by June end, 15 stretches temp. Diversions/debris clearance and desilting will be done to avoid flooding, according to a press release. (INN)

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