Telangana Govt will implement Urdu as second official language: Tahir Bin Hamdan

Hyderabad:┬áTelangana State Urdu Academy President Tahir Bin Hamdan has announced that the Academy would take all necessary steps to implement Urdu as the second official language in Telangana. He emphasized that efforts will be made to engage relevant authorities in making Urdu the state’s second official language.

In a media statement on Wednesday, Tahir Bin Hamdan highlighted the enactment of the Official Languages (Amendment) Act of Telangana in 2017. Addressing all District Collectors and District Minority Welfare Officers through a formal letter, he stressed the need to establish Urdu medium Anganwadi schools corresponding to existing schools and to issue public notices, circulars, memorandums, etc., in Urdu on signboards in government offices, schools, and colleges. This initiative aims to facilitate Urdu-speaking minorities, who constitute a significant population in the state. Furthermore, he requested officials to use Urdu in all written communication.

Tahir Bin Hamdan also sent a separate letter to the Vice President and Managing Director of Telangana State Road Transport Corporation (TSRTC) urging them to issue appropriate instructions to all officials under their control to display names in Urdu on all buses of the RTC department. (INN)

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