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People’s faith in public hospitals increased: CM

Hyderabad: Chief Minister K. Chandrashekhar Rao said that the implementation of KCR Kits and betterment in the government hospitals has increased the people’s faith in the hospitals and there was a need to preserve this faith.

The Chief Minister said since a lot of priority was being given to the public health, Medical and Health Department would need more funds.

He wanted estimates to be done for the ongoing programmes and schemes and also for the programmes to be implemented in future and they should be sent for the budget allocation in the next financial year. He announced that in 2018-19 Budget, more funds would be allocated to the medical and health.

The CM said, as on date, more funds are allocated for the Irrigation projects, once the projects are over more allocations would be given to the medical and health and education, the key sectors needed for the poor people.

The Chief Minister inaugurated 102 Services here at the Necklace Road on Wednesday. Later, he inaugurated 50-bedded hospital in Toopran in Gajwel Assembly Constituency. He also visited the 100-bedded hospital being constructed at Gajwel and supervised the works.

On the occasion, the Chief Minister spoke with Medical and Health Minister Laxma Reddy, Principal Secretary (Medical and Health) Shanti Kumari, Medical and Health Director Vakati Karuna, MP Prabhakar Reddy, Deputy Speaker Padma Devender Reddy, Medak and Siddipet Collectors and Medical and Health officials.

“In the past, public health was neglected. The rich are able to get treatment from the corporate hospitals but for the poor they have only the government hospitals. Hence the Telangana State government has given top priority to offer better services to the people. Facilities have been increased in all the government hospitals, 108, 102 and 104 services were improved.

Prestigious KCR Kits programme is being implemented successfully. Besides the commitment of the government, doctors and other staff are also offering dedicated services. With this, people’s faith and confidence in the government hospitals has increased.

There is a substantial increase in the patients that are coming to the government hospitals,” the Chief Minister said.

KCR said that the Medical and Health department’s Action Plan should reflect the confidence reposed by the people. “The government is ready to increase the budget for the medical and health and in the next Budget, allocation funds would be increased.

As on date, we are spending more funds for the irrigation projects to supply water to the farm sector. After the irrigation sector, the government’s priority would be health and education sectors. In future we will allocate more funds for these two sectors.

There is no other priority other than giving better education and good health services to the poor. Officials should bear this in mind and prepare action plans and estimates for the ongoing and future needs. The government would accordingly allocate the funds.

We are getting good results by the decentralization of the hospital administration. The Hospitals Superintendents should be entrusted with the responsibility of the administration and they should be directly given the funds,” the CM said. (INN)

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