Akbar Owaisi writes to DGP on attacks on Christians

Hyderabad: MIM floor leader Akbaruddin Owaisi on Monday demanded that the Telangana Police take stern action against those who are involved in a series of attacks on Christian community in Telangana State.

In a letter to Director General of Police Mahender Reddy, the MIM leader said that on January 23 in Singotam village of Kollapur mandal in Nagarkurnool district, a mob of religious fanatics attacked a small group of Christians preaching Gospel by distributing Bibles peacefully.

They forcefully snatched the Bibles from them, opened the boxes with Bibles inside their car, piled them up in heap and cruelly burnt hundreds of Bibles in broad daylight, which has severely bruised the sentiments of all Christians in India. On January 29th, a group of fanatics attacked a Church in Togota Mandal, Siddipet District and caused severe damage to the Church property.

On February 1st, Pastor Emmanuel from Doulthabad, Hatnoora Mandal, Sangareddy District, has been criminally intimidated on February 1st. A mob of religious fanatics have come and slapped the Pastor and mocked Jesus Christ saying where is your Jesus now? They have threatened to torch the Church with fire, if they don’t pack up and leave the place.

On February 2nd, in Muddapet, Pulkal Mandal of Sangareddy District Christian women were peacefully preaching gospel. Again a mob of religious fanatics, attacked those women forcefully snatched the Gospel fliers, abused them in filthy language and burnt all those fliers in front of them and all the villagers and threatened them not to come again. “Incidents such as these damage the reputation of our great country throughout the world,” he said.

“It is our prime concern to maintain religious harmony and peaceful coexistence among different communities of our country. Our constitution ensures that such a peaceful environment, but we are concerned about the recent developments in our country.

Of late the religious fanaticism is on the steady growth in our country. Innumerable are the incidents where, especially the Christians, Dalits and other minorities have been attacked,” Akbaruddin Owaisi said.

The MIM leader said, he along with the Raashtreeya Kraisthava Parishad (RKP), has requested the DGP to take severe action against these culprits to ensure such incidents do not recur. “Everyone is not aware about what action has been taken on the culprits who has committed the horrific crime of burning the Bibles.

It’s our demand that the culprits be produced before the media and criminal cases be booked against these criminals under non-bailable sections so that no other citizen of our country will ever venture to indulge in such fanaticism and learn to respect every religion, as our constitution ensures us.

We also bring to your kind notice that we have already given representation to the Office of CM, Secretariat and Office of Home Minister, Secretariat to take strictest action on those hate mongering culprits,” he said. (INN)

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