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People will punish KCR for his unpardonable sins: Uttam

Hyderabad: Senior TRS leader and former MP of Adilabad Ramesh Rathod and his wife Suman Rathod, along with their followers, joined the Congress party in the presence of TPCC President N Uttam Kumar Reddy and AICC Telangana Incharge R.C. Khuntia at Gandhi Bhavan here on Friday.

Speaking on the occasion, Uttam Kumar Reddy said that Chief Minister K. Chandrashekhar Rao has cheated all sections of the society by not fulfilling any of the electoral promises. He said Telangana became a reality due to the sacrifices made by students and youth. However, he alleged that KCR failed to do anything even for the families of Telangana martyrs.

He said those who participated in the statehood movement and common citizens had a dream that Telangana would emerge as a prosperous State with all sections of the society getting their due share in the new State. However, he alleged that KCR has completely shattered the dream of Telangana. He said next elections would be between ‘KCR family and People of Telangana’ and people would certainly punish KCR for his sin of shattering their dreams.

Stating that 25th September was the last date for filing objections and claims regarding electoral rolls, Uttam Kumar Reddy directed the entire Congress cadre to check the voter lists in the respective polling booth and approach concerned authorities for addition, deletion or correction of names. He alleged that KCR, in connivance with Prime Minister Narender Modi has conspired to conduct elections with wrong electoral rolls while depriving over 21 lakh people their voting rights.

Welcoming Ramesh Rathod and his wife Suman Rathod into the Congress fold, the TPCC President said their entry would boost the prospects of Congress party in entire undivided Adilabad district. He hoped that the Congress party would win all 10 seats of old Adilabad District. He said election notification was likely to come in mid-October and there was a possibility of elections being held in November or December.

He asked the Congress cadre to prepare for elections and leave no stone unturned to win them. He also listed out various measures that the Congress party proposes to take for various sections if it is voted to power in next elections.

“Congress committed to protect RTC”

Uttam Kumar Reddy said that the Congress was committed to protect the TSRTC and look after the welfare, security and health issues of all RTC employees.

Addressing a meeting of representatives of National Mazdoor Union, who met him at Gandhi Bhavan on Friday, Uttam Kumar Reddy said that the RTC should not be run only for profitability but as a social responsibility. He said RTC is the most preferred mode of public transport and it is used mostly by poor and middle-class people.

Therefore, he said that the Congress party, after coming to power in next elections, would merge RTC with State Government to ensure its sustenance. He said all RTC employees would be recognised as Government Employees and they will get their salaries, perks and other facilities on par with government staff.

Stating that he was closely associated with the RTC during his tenure as chairman of Public Undertakings Committee in previous Congress regime, Uttam Kumar Reddy described the RTC as one of the most prestigious organisation of the country. However, he said the TRS has completely damaged the organisation. He said RTC had entered Guinness Record for buying huge quantity of new buses every year. However, he said TRS Government has pushed the corporation into a huge crisis by completely neglecting it.

Uttam Kumar Reddy warned that KCR would shut down RTC if TRS wins next elections. Therefore, he appealed to all RTC workers and their families to vote for the Congress party to ensure that the lost glory of RTC is restored.

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