Train operations begin on double line of Guntakal-Khadarpet Section

Hyderabad: Guntakal – Kalluru section is an important by-pass rail line for a distance of 41 Kms which serves as a shortest and alternative route for trains from Delhi, Mumbai and Secunderabad towards Bengaluru.

Guntakal – Kalluru section as a single line section faced severe congestion due to over-saturation and trains were running with more than section capacity up to 124%.

Hence, Doubling of Guntakal – Kalluru section was taken up as top priority and works were speeded up in the last 2 years. Doubling of Guntakal – Khadarpet section (34 Kms) is successfully completed and commissioned on 8th May with running of Goods train on newly constructed Double Line.

Doubling project of Guntakal – Kalluru was sanctioned in the year 2015-16 for a distance of 41 kms with an estimated cost of Rs. 323 Crore. Doubling of Gulapalayamu to Khadarpet section for a distance of 23 kms, was completed and commissioned in September 2018. Doubling of Guntakal – Gulapalyamu for a distance of 11 Kms is now completed.

With this, Doubling Project of Guntakal -Kalluru section is completed except for a small portion between Khadarpet – Kalluru (7 Kms) consisting of important bridge on Penna River.

Stations facilitated with doubling works in this project are – Guntakal, Hanuman Station (Halt), Gulapalyamu, Venkatampalle, Imampuram (Halt), Khadarpet and Kalluru. The construction of additional high-level platforms is under progress at Hanuman Station (Halt), Gulapalyamu, Venkatampalle and Khadarpet stations.

The doublling serves as an alternate route for Guntakal – Gooty section which is over-saturated. It enables running of more train services through this route bypassing Gooty Junction. Doubling of this line is very helpful to run more number of freight trains in a seamless manner. It will ease the congestion at Gooty junction and freight movement towards Kadapa and Renigunta will be speeded up.

Improvements to newly constructed Guntakal station building

Guntakal Station building has been constructed to cater increased requirements and was opened to public in January, 2019. All platforms were made operational to receive the trains except the platform which is located at the main entrance.

So, along with double line works in Guntakal – Kalluru section, Non-Interlocking works were undertaken for connecting this isolated platform (located at the main entrance) of Guntakal Station with all approaching railway lines.

With this, Double line between Guntakal – Khadarpet is successfully completed and isolated Platform at main entrance of Guntakal station is made operational to receive and despatch trains. (INN)

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