MES Probationers turn businessmen for a day at MCR HRD Institute

Hyderabad: The Military Engineer Services (MES) Probationers form 13 States, who are undergoing a first-ever Foundation Course at MCR HRD Institute, sponsored by Ministry of Defence, Govt of India, organized “FETE Mela”- a fun-filled food-cum-recreation extravaganza, on Friday.

B P Acharya, Spl. Chief Secretary to Govt& Director General, Dr. MCR HRD Institute congratulated the MES Probationers for proving, beyond an iota of doubt, that they are not only endowed with the knowledge of engineering, but are also vastly talented at multitasking, managing a tight budget, keeping accounts, marketing their products, etc.

“Most importantly, by coming together and helping each other in making the event a grand success, the MES Probationers displayed their exceptionally good leadership skills”, her added.

The MES Probationers cooked and prepared a variety of mouth-watering and delicious dishes, including Mohabbat Ka Sharbat, Dillagi Ki Chaat, B Teck Bhel, Manchali Maggi,Punjabi Lassi, Stuffed Paratha, Paneer Pakoda, etc., and put them on sale.

They wore different hats and purchased raw material, attracted customers, and served them with a smile. The food items for sale truly reflected the diversity of the batch of the MES Probationers.

The “FETE Mela” also had such exciting games as Holding a Brick with Two Fingers, Breaking a Pyramid, Drawing a Donkey’s Tail Blindfolded, Passing the Loop through a Wire without Touching It ,Dropping the Stumps with Cricket Ball, etc., All these games kept the guests engaged and entertained.

The challenge before the MES Probationers was to run their respective stalls as successful business propositions and to generate net profits to be donated to an NGO committed to the cause of amelioration of the lot of the weaker sections of society.

In addition to all the MES Probationers and other trainees, the Officers, Faculty, and Staff of the Institute visited the stalls in large numbers, along with their family and friends, and relished the food items and sportingly tried their hand at all the games on display.

“The event was greatly instrumental in learning such concepts as planning, coordination, interpersonal skills, leadership, team building, and thereby enriching our managerial and entrepreneurial acumen”, said Miss Taru Shikha Jain, an MES Probationer.

“We have background in engineering, but the “FETE Mela” provided a first-of-its-kind hands-on experience to us in managing business enterprises. This is something that no textbook can teach you”, said Mr. Enduri Chandru, another MES Probationer.

Harpreet Singh, Addl DG inaugurated the “FETE Mela” by releasing colourful balloons in the air. (INN)

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