GHMC forms 495 teams to deal with monsoon fury

Hyderabad: Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) Commissioner Dana Kishore on Monday informed that the GHMC was taking various measures to tackle the problem of water logging points in the city.

Addressing a press conference here, the GHMC Commissioner said that a total of 495 monsoon team from various department would be pressed into service.

For better utilization of these teams, GPS are being provided to their vehicles so that they could be deployed based on their existing location. Around 120 locations, categorised into A, B and C, have been identified as water logging points.

At A categorized locations water pumps have been arranged permanently and one A.E. is kept incharge to monitor pumping out of water. AT B and C categorized locations, the motor pumps have been kept at nearby places like Community Halls, Schools and Government Buildings, etc., and the designated officials ensure water is pumped out with the available manpower.

One official is designated as of location incharge area of 1/2 Sq km radius and he will visit the area well in advance of one hour before rain occur and ensure all catch pits and man holes are free from blocking from tree leaves, construction debris and plastic waste so that the rain water easily flow into the drains.

The designated officers regularly visit their respective allotted areas and ensure the catch pits and manholes and also inspect nearby drains, tanks and ensure they are not blocked by plastic, construction and debris material.

They also Identify the open places nearby water logging points and converting into percolation tanks by diverting the water into it and also ensure free flow of traffic at SRDP works.

A special drive has been taken up to remove construction and debris material by allotting one vehicle to each 150 wards. (INN)

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