CM to visit Gulf countries to call back migrant workers

Hyderabad: Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao said that he would soon be visiting Gulf countries to give a call to people from Telangana State who went there for jobs to come back to the State.

The Chief Minister said people from the Telangana State have migrated to the Gulf countries to earn money to look after their families and are facing a lot of hardships. Since there are ample opportunities back home, they should return.

“People from united Karimnagar, Nizamabad and other districts have migrated to the Gulf in search of employment to support their families back home. They are eking out a livelihood by doing some odd jobs. By doing these jobs they are getting meager wages.

The situation in Telangana is not what it used to be in the past. There are ample opportunities here now. Several construction projects are happening in Hyderabad. Since there is no availability of the workforce here, workers are mobilized from other places in the country. People from Telangana have gone abroad in search of work; people from other states are coming here for work.

There should be a change in this scenario. The government is particular that Telangana people working in the Gulf should come back. We will give them training in NAC.

The government has decided to provide work for them in the infrastructure sector after having talks with the builders and real estate businessmen. I am going personally there to explain this to the Telangana employees there,” the CM said.

A delegation comprising Government’s Chief Advisor Rajiv Sharma, Chief Secretary SK Joshi, CMO Principal Secretary Narsing Rao, GAD Principal Secretary Adhar Sinha will visit Kerala State to study the NRI policy there. The CM will also have a meeting with the MLAs from whose constituencies a large number of people migrated to the Gulf. (INN)

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