Keep Roza Tomorrow as a Mark of Solidarity: Justice Katju to Non-Muslims

Tomorrow, 1st July 2016, is the last Friday (called Jumu’atulvida ) of the Muslim Holy month of Ramzan. My appeal to all non Muslims everywhere is to keep roza tomorrow as a mark of solidarity with our Muslim brothers and sisters.

Since several years I have been myself keeping one day roza during Ramzan, and have appealed to all non Muslims to do so. I will keep roza myself tomorrow.

I also appeal to all non Hindus to keep one day fast during Navratri. In fact several non Hindus responded positively to this appeal made earlier.

Let the roza be ordinarily kept by non Muslims every year on the last Friday of Ramzan, and the fast by non Hindus on he first day of Navratri. These days should be known as Solidarity Days

Some vested interests have made efforts throughout the world to paint all Muslims as terrorists and killers, when the fact is that over 99% of Muslims everywhere ( like over 99% Hindus, Christians, Buddhists, Sikhs, etc ) are good people.

The great French thinker Rousseau, whom I regard as my guru, said that almost all people in the world are good by nature. But the tiny wicked minority are often powerful and sow seeds of discord among us by false propaganda and through their agent provocateurs.

So we must guard against that, expose them, and maintain our solidarity. I myself am an atheist, but I am a strong supporter of religious freedom and solidarity of all religious communities.

Non Muslims should find out from their Muslim friends about the time of sehr, i.e. the latest time in the morning before which breakfast and water should be taken, and the time of iftaar, that is, the time in the evening for breaking the fast.

In between you must not take any food or liquids. From the internet I could gather that in Delhi the time for sehr is 3.53 a.m. and for iftaar is 7.24 p.m.

[Courtesy: This article is reproduced from Justice Markandey Katjuā€™s Facebook profile.]

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