TWorks launches IP facilitation cell for startups, SMEs and innovators

Hyderabad: TWorks today launched its in-house Intellectual Property Facilitation Cell (IPFC) to enable innovators to secure their inventions by drafting and filing patent applications at a highly subsidized fee.

TWorks is set to be India’s largest prototyping center and the IPFC will facilitate startups, SME’s, makers, and rural innovators in protecting their IPRs by drafting applications for patent registration, copyrights, trademarks, and industrial designs at highly affordable rates.

Sujai Karampuri, CEO, TWorks, said, “IP protection is usually considered as a costly affair for startups and individual innovators. We aim to lower the barrier for innovators to protect their inventions by providing affordable access to IPR services.”

He also added that innovators should look at IP matters much more than just a legal compliance. It is a creation of an asset that will not only give them a competitive edge but will also aid them in raising capital.

TWorks IP Facilitation Center will aid startups, SME’s, entrepreneurs, makers, rural innovators by providing hassle-free access to IPR services at a highly discounted rate as compared to the industry rates with the objective of promoting IPR among hardware entrepreneurs.

TWorks IPFC will work closely with government departments and partners to expand the scope and operationalise various IP incentive schemes in future.

The service was launched by TWorks as a pilot in August this year. After the satisfactory pilot and evident need in the market, the service is now available for the public. Innovators can register their applications at: (INN)

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