Telangana will develop further in the year of “Shubhakrut”: CM KCR

Hyderabad: Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao conveyed Ugadi festival greetings to the people of Telangana.

CM KCR said that the year of ‘Shubhakrut’, which wraps up the auspiciousness in the name itself, will bring good fortune to the people in all spheres. The CM said that Telangana, is on the path of progress in a very short period of time. The CM expressed his happiness that with the blessings of God, Telangana was abuzz with plentiful water and green fields.

The Chief Minister said that the people of Telangana will start the new year from Ugadi and the farmers will start their agricultural work from Ugadi. He said that the Telangana government was giving maximum encouragement to the irrigation and agriculture sectors. He said the Telangana government is the only government in the country that gave the highest priority to the welfare of the farmers.

CM KCR said that Telangana has achieved unprecedented development in the field of agriculture to make the country proud in its entirety.  He said that the sustainable growth in the farm sector also contributed the country’s GDP growth even during the Corona pandemic.  He said that Telangana, which did not look for a crop one day, is now challenging the Center in procuring grain with the highest crop yield. He said the state government was working tirelessly to reach this level. He said the rural economy of Telangana was strengthened by strengthening agriculture allied occupations by developing the agricultural sector.The Telangana government is following the motto that ‘all people will be happy when agriculture is good’. The CM said that the development of the agricultural sector has indirectly helped the employment opportunities in concerned productive and service sectors for the youth in Telangana. He said that all sectors have been strengthened in the recent past and Telangana will develop further in the year of “Shubhakrut”. CM KCR clarified that Telangana became as the compass for the country. (INN)

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