The party is mother, Harish Rao suggests cadre to protect it

Hyderabad: Finance Minister Harish Rao called upon the party ranks that the BRS party was like a mother and urged them to protect it by all means.

He suggested the cadre resolve the differences by discussing. He appealed to all party ranks to be ready to strengthen KCR’s leadership across the country.

Minister Harish Rao participated in the Atmiya Sammelana meeting of the BRS party in Nanagunuru of Siddipet on Wednesday.On this occasion, he said that KCR started the pink revolution from Nangunuru and that is why these meetings have been started from the village. He said that KCR took the name of Siddipet to unimaginable heights. He said that 18 thousand acres of paddy has been cultivated in this mandal through Kaleshwaram and labourers were coming from Chhattisgarh to work in the farms. Harish Rao said that if BJP tries to increase the income of Ambani and Adani, KCR increases the income of farmers. Harish Rao said that the time will come when farmers will drive cars. (INN) 

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